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Realise Your Olympics Dream With Jigsaw Mats

The one thing you would have noticed watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (in 2021) is that competition is fierce. The athletes really play hard and they come to win. Years of preparation is what got them there and it is what will see them through. All the coaches and equipment that was required to get them there is mind boggling. In the end that is what it takes to become a champion.

Jigsaw Mats Make The Olympics Champion

Whilst it would be far fetched to claim that it is the mats which make the champion it surely doesn’t hurt. To get to where these athletes are take pure grit. Some of them come from countries and situation where they are starved of the equipment most others take for granted yet they excel. That said it is the countries which put the most into their athletes training that sees them get the highest medal tally. Just take a look at the USA, China and Russia.

To be a champion it helps to use champion equipment. Jigsaw mats are one such item. When it comes to gym matts then jigsaw mats truly are right there at the top. A lot of sports, especially in martial arts, use them at an Olympic level. Just have a look at the likes of Taekwondo, Karate, wrestling and boxing and I am sure that you will find jigsaw mats in the gyms that they train.

Train Hard But Keep Safe

Whilst it is one thing to train hard it is another to take care of you body. It is body and mind which gets you there so you need to be mindful of taking care of yourself when training. This is where jigsaw mats come in which is the point I am making here. If you can keep yourself from getting injured during training then both your body will be grateful and your head. 


EVA Mats - Olympics

4 Fold Mats

New Extra Large Foldable Mats

Southern Cross Mats is pleased to announce a new range of extra large foldable mats. These new mats are larger than our regular mats and offer additional protection and comfort.

Our new extra large foldable mats come in two sizes. There is the 3 fold 180cm x 120cm and the 4 fold 240cm x 120cm. Depending how much training area you need we have you covered.

The best thing about these new mats is that they can be folded away for easy storage or transportation. So check them out and buy yours today.

Southern Cross Mats aim to be the best supplier of training mats in Australia. Contact us for additional information. Our friendly staff are always happy to help.

Exercise and Mats

Wall Padding For Your Gym

Benefits Of Wall Padding

When people set up theirs they often think the only  gym mats they need go on the floor. They think EVA mats, vinyl mats or rubber mats. Although those mats are a very important component of the gym to say they are all you need is plain wrong. You have to also consider the need for  wall padding

With floor padding is it a no brainer. Depending on the kind of issue you want to resolved the choice is usually simple. There are a number of gym mats options available to suit any situation. If you have heavy equipment you go with rubber mats. If it is an anti-fatigue mat you require an EVA mat or tatami mats will suffice. People however tend to neglect the walls.

Protect Your Clients With Wall Padding

Damage to your body during training doesn’t just come from impact with the floors. There are also those times when impact with the wall can cause injury. This is especially true when you are doing person to person activities like sparring or cross training. There is a real danger that distraction can lead to impact with the walls. This is where wall padding comes into the equation.

Luckily there are a few options available when it comes to padding your walls. You have your standard wall pads which are 1.8m high and 60cm across. They come with timber backing so they can be attached to the wall. You also have rollout wall pads which are light weight and can be attached to the wall using adhesive or velcro. There are even pads for poles which in themselves can present a hazard.

Gym Mats Abound

So there you have it. There are many options when it comes to decking out your gym with mats. You want to make sure your customers are safe and comfortable. You want to keep them coming back for more training. After all a happy customer is a good customer.

MMA Wall Padding


Best Training Mats

Best Training Mats

What Are The Best Training Mats

Sometimes it is hard to know what the best Training Mats are for the particular activity that you do. There are so many mats on the market that it can make things confusing. They come in so many different shapes and sizes. Not to mention colours as well. That is what we are here for. To help guide you through the process.

Individual Training Mats

The first thing you would want to ascertain is what kind of activity are you doing. Is it a group activity or is it an individual activity? It it is the later then you might want something you can just roll up and take with you where ever you go.

A good option for this would be Pilates Mats which are light weight and very portable. Pilates mats are also often called yoga mats although there are mats which a exclusively for use with pilates training. Pilates mats are usually made from light weight material like EVA, PVC or NBR. There are all foam like materials which are durable and inexpensive.

Group Training Mats

Then you have the kind of mats you would use if you were training in a group. These might be Gym Mats that you lay down permanently such as tatami mats. Tatami mats are usually bigger and heavy which make them let portable than other gym mats. You will find them in martial arts schools and other places where a durable mats is required.

Then you have gym mats which are smaller and more light weight such as Puzzle Mats.  With puzzle mats you have a mat which is 1m x 1m and comes in a variety of thickness. They also come in different colours which makes them idea for all sorts of organisations. The best thing is that they are easy to transport and store especially if you have a special made trolley.

Best Training Mats

Benefits of puzzle mats

Popular Mats For Training At Home

In this hopefully soon post covid world people will probably continue to train at home. Sure they will resume their gym training at some point if they haven’t already but the urge to train at home will remain. Which is why they will continue to require mats for their home training. Here we discuss popular mats for training at home.

Firstly to say that this mat is more popular that that mat and vice vera is pointless. All mats are great for training and the main factor is to have a training mat in the first place. You need to protect yourself during training for your long term benefit. It is good to know, however, what is available and what is out there. A good place to start is EVA mats.

Popular Mats

EVA Mats A Flexible Mats

EVA Mats are a mat which is made from EVA material. There are many things made with EVA. It is an inexpensive material and it has good protective qualities which is why it is so useful. It is particularly useful for training which is why EVA mats exist. A popular form they come in is puzzle mats, where you can set up large areas in your home or gym.

Other mats made from EVA are yoga mats. So they are a single mat which you roll out onto a timber or concrete floor. They are portable and usually light weight depending on the thickness. This type of EVA mats is popular not only for yoga but also for pilates and other physical activities.

EVA Mats



Heading to The Gym With Gym Mats

Gym mats are any kind of mat which you would use during gym training. They come in all shapes and sizes and use different types of materials. The term Gym Mats is a very broad term which is used to describe any mat you might use for your training. Gym mats would include everything from yoga mats to crash mats and tatami mats.

gym mats

Which brings us to Jigsaw Mats which are also great mats. It can be argued that jigsaw mats are indeed the most popular mats for home training. Indeed they are our highest selling mats. If I had to nominate a gym mats which outsells all others it would definitely be jigsaw mats. They are inexpensive and you can cover a large area in no time. I guess their convenience and cost is what make jigsaw mats such an interesting proposition.

Jigsaw Mats


Francis Ngaggou

Francis Ngaggou Moves up Pound-For-Pound List

Francis Ngaggou has moved up the pound-for-pound list after his defeat of Stipe Miocic at UFC 260. His victory has seen him move to fourth position whilst UFC fighter Jon Jones stays at the top. Jon has stayed at the top of the list even though he has rarely fought in the recent past due to personal issues.

How long Francis will stay on the list is a question everyone would like to know. Obviously his time on the puzzles mats has paid off with his improved performance. The question is whether he will have the stamina to keep up the training. Lots of fighters have made it to the top only to lose momentum and fall again. Miocic was the exception when he held onto the title for six years.

Every fighter knows that they need a good set of jigsaw mats if they are going to remain at the top. That is certainly true for a fighter of Ngannou’s calibre. He would indeed need to spend hours training on jigsaw mats to achieve his level of skill. 

There is nothing better than having a good gym to train. A key factor of a good gym is the kind of gym mats they have. If you were to check you would find that a large portion of MMA gyms have jigsaw mats somewhere in there gym. Sure the main sparring area might mats MMA mats but they are more than certain to have jigsaw mats in common training areas.

That said I do have a soft spot for Stipe and I do hope that he makes a come back. I would not be surprised if there were a trilogy fight between Francis and Stipe in the future.

Miocic vs Ngannou

Stipe Miocic loses to Ngannou at UFC 260

Sadly Stipe Miocic lost his title fight against Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 over the weekend. Whilst it was a great victory for Ngannou it was nit such a great fight for Miocic.

Whilst Ngannou had dominated most of the start of the fight Miocic tends to be a slow starter so a come back was always on the card. Unfortunately Ngannou is a heavy hitter and when he clipped him on the chin it was game over.

Talk now is for Ngannou to fight the legendary Jon Jones in a heavy weight title fight. It will probably be the biggest UFC fight in a while. It is also sure to generate a lot of revenue for the organisation which is what they are all about.

Where now for Miocic is hard to say. I am sure there was a rematch clause in the fight contract. It would potential be a trilogy fight considering that Miocic won last time so it would be good to see them fight again. Whether Miocic continues to train on his MMA mats or jigsaw mats is another thing altogether. One thing is for sure this is not the last time we will see Miocic fight.

Stipe Miocic loses to Ngannou

Gym Mats

Great Jigsaw Mats For A Great Gym

So many gyms and fitness centres make the mistake of not buying proper mats for their flooring.  As such they usually end up with complaints from their member how are the ones that have to put up with it.  The best way to mitigate such situation is to get great jigsaw mats because good mats mean a good experience.

Worry not, it’s not hard to find better ways to have your students be on top of their game, and it’s usually the basics that need work. We must not overrate the benefits of installing jigsaw mats. This is where the Southern Cross Mats comes in.

It features a high density EVA foam material with a T-pattern finish or tatami finish on both of the sides. As the name suggests, it offers interlocking edges and anti-slip surface which further adds to the quality and durability. It can also be trimmed for better fit into irregular areas such as corners. Being made from EVA foam make installation easy.

We, at Ezymats are the top leading supplier of Jigsaw mats in Australia. The mats that we offer come with many benefits and you can always contact us and browse our shop for the product that fits your needs. Our mats are a staple of high-quality and show nothing but absolute durability and efficiency under various conditions, and their resilience knows no bounds.

The Southern Cross Mats supply a stunning range of mats which are suitable for numerous activities.  The come in different sizes and colours which should suit most colour schemes.

You can always contact us if you have questions about our mats and you can also browse our other products. Souther Cross Mats has a full range of gym mats available. We supply everything from wall mats to floor mats. Feel free to contact us!

Great Jigsaw Mats

Puzzle Mats

The Benefits of Puzzle Mats

Staying fit and healthy has become more important than ever. This is especially true now that we are in a Wuhan corona induced pandemic. The reality is that most people are staying at home and that has limited their opportunity to get out and recreate. As any good doctor would tell you the best way to stay active and prevent health risks is to exercise. Whilst the benefits of exercise is clean you should also consider the benefits of puzzle mats.

It may be true that exercise is the answer but you want to make sure you don’t get injured. One way to do that is through the use of exercise mats. Exercise mats are a solid piece of workout equipment which every person should have. They come in different types, shapes and sizes to suit any workout requirements. 

Some of the best exercise mats are Yoga mats, Gym mats, and puzzle mats. Using mats protect the floor you are training on and keep you comfortable while doing your fitness training simultaneously. What would be better?

4 Important Benefits Of Puzzle Mats

Puzzle mats can benefit you in a number of ways. Have a look at some of the other important benefits of puzzle mats.

Gives You Proper Support

If you do a lot of floor exercises, puzzle mats are definitely mandatory. One of the most important benefits of puzzle mats is that it gives your body parts proper support while doing your different exercises. For example, when you are training or you might fall to the ground whilst doing exercises such as “burpies”. With puzzle mats in place, you can protect the floor and reduce possible injuries.

Inexpensive, Durable And Less Maintenance

Most puzzle mats are inexpensive, especially if you purchase them from suppliers such as Southern Cross Mats who are direct importers. They also follow a direct to consumer sales model. It also helps that they have a solid reputation in the market as a provider of quality exercise mats.

Whether it’s for yoga, gymnastics, martial arts or aerobics, these mats will not break the bank. Moreover they are a durable form of exercise flooring and are suitable in both residential and commercial applications. They are also easy to clean which makes them easy to maintain. Remember all you need is a damp cloth and you mats will remain clean.

Shock-absorbent Surface

Exercise mats play an important role in your safety while you do your daily workout routines. Another of the benefits of puzzle mats is that no matter what training workout you do, your mat will be there for you. Fortunately puzzle mats are inexpensive and are available in many colours and thicknesses. If you are not sure which ones to buy, consider asking your fitness trainer or call and expert. You’ll want to consider how you plan on using it, as well as other factors like thickness and size.

Benefits of Puzzle Mats

Benefits of puzzle mats

Black Pilates Mats

Pilates Mats For Christmas

Everybody nows by now that Southern Cross Mats is the premier supplier of gym mats in the Australian market. We have been a leading supplier of gym mats for years now. People from all around the country are enjoying our mats now and they will continue to do so in the future. Amongst our best selling gym mats is pilates mats. Get your pilates mats for Christmas to get into shape.

Get in Shape in the new year

Everybody nows that Christmas is both the best time of the year and the worst. It is the best because you get to hang out with family and friends. It is the worst time for your waist line. People tend to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of beer.

That is why it is also the best time to prepare for the new year. You want to make sure you are ready to go when the times comes and get yourself fit again. Pilates is a great way to do that. Buying some pilates mats for Christmas makes more sense than ever.

Premium Supplier of pilates mats

Southern Cross Mats is a premier supplier of pilates mats in Australia. We have warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne ready to dispatch mats Australia Wide. There is no better place to go for your gym mats than Southern Cross Mats. Our mats are the preferred mat for people everywhere so get some today!

Pilates Mats For Christmas

Pilates Mats For Christmas

Get Your Interlocking Mats

The Unbeatable Popularity of Interlocking Mats

All sorts of training mats have come and gone over the years but one mat persists. The mats that are unbeatable are interlocking mats. Some people might know them as grappling mats. Some people might know them as foam mats. The bottom line is that they are great mats to train on which is why they will be popular for years to come.

Call Them Jigsaw Mats Too!

There is a reason why interlocking mats are also referred to as jigsaw mats. That reason is simple. They join together like a jigsaw puzzle. How they differ from an actually jigsaw puzzle is they the pieces are all the same. Can you image a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces are all the same. What would be the point? Which jigsaw puzzle mats though there is a point in that you want to keep it simple.

Popularity of Interlocking Mats 

The persistent popularity of interlocking mats comes down to one thing. They are convenient to use. Interlocking mats are light weight which makes them easy to carry. Also their size make them easy to store when they are not in use. The best thing about them is that they interlock into each other which is great for training. There is nothing worse than having to constantly push mats back together during training. With these mats you don’t have to do that.

So if you are wondering about the popularity of interlocking mats you really shouldn’t. The above explanation speaks for itself. Southern Cross Mats is at the forefront of mats technology.


Popularity of Interlocking Mats


Advice About Gym Tiles

The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Gym Tiles

There are a lot of air chair experts out there. People who think they know everything and are prepared to let their opinions are known. They will even have you think that they can give you solid advice about gym tiles when in fact they know nothing about them. The most important thing to remember is that no advise is good advise if it is wrong.

With gym tiles the same philosophy applies. You should always seek advise with people who know what they are talking about. Often wise it is someone who specialises in sell that product or service. Who better to know then someone that lives and breathes it. I could say with a certain degree of confidence that the same applies to the people at Southern Cross Mats. They live and breathe gym mats so they have a good understanding of a product they sell. In fact it is the only product they sell.

So what are some of the pieces of advice about gym tiles you should ignore? 

If anyone tells you that you can leave your mats outdoors then that is the first thing you should ignore. Sure you can use them outdoors temporarily. You would want to make sure that it is a flat and clean surface. The thing you don’t want to do is leave them there. Any prolonged exposure to sunlight is definitely no good and neither is rain. Mats whether they are rubber or made from EVA are sensitive’s to the elements. Just because they have rubber play grounds doesn’t mean you can leave rubber mats outside. 

The other advice about gym tiles you might want to ignore is if they tell you that you can clean them with a pressure cleaner. This is an absolute no-no. A pressure cleaner will just destroy your mats and will render them useless. If you really want to give them a good clean just us a damp rag. The most you should use is a PH neutral detergent and definitely do soak them. Remember! Keep in simple folks.

If you are looking for good advice about gym tiles contact Southern Cross Mats.


Gym Tiles

The best yoga mats in Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Mats

The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Mats

Yoga has got to be one of the most popular physical activities amongst certain demographics at the moment. There are literally millions of people training in yoga all around the world. From movie stars to athletes and people from all walks of life it is gaining a huge following. One needs only to see the proliferation of yoga related active wear to know that it is increasing in popularity all the time. A huge reason is that there are all sorts of yoga to suit anyones needs. This includes everything from high impact yoga to just meditative yoga training. Before starting train it is good to find a good guide to yoga mats.

With the proliferation has also some the increased demand for yoga mats. It is one thing to train it is another to be able to train comfortably. That is why it is necessary to train using only the best kind of mats which is where a supplier like Ezy Mats comes in. Sure you can find all sorts of cheap mats online but if you take to sport seriously then you have to go to a serious supply with lots of experience supplying mats to all sorts of disciplines. They are also more likely to have an expensive range of mats to chose from.

What kind of yoga mats are best?

This is not always the easiest question to answer. A lot of times the best kind of yoga mat depends on the individual. Different people have different tastes so it is not always a one size fits all approach when it comes to yoga mats. That is why it is so important to have a range of possibilities to chose from. Below is a good guide to yoga mats. Some of the different options for yoga mats include:


PVC Yoga Mats. These are made from a PVC material which is 6mm thick. It is for people who don’t require too much of a thickness and like to be closer to the floor. It is also a material which is easy to keep please and light weight.

NBR Yoga mats. These mats vary in thickness from 10mm to 20mm. They are a thicker mat and offer more protection. I would say these are for people that need something built for comfort and less for speed. They are a heavier mat but generally come with a strap which makes it easy to carry around.

TPE Yoga mats. These mats come in two tones and have a textured finish. I would say they a for someone that requires a more stylish looking mats. They are also 6mm thick but are more expensive than PVC mats. They are cheaper than NBR mats which are much thicker.


So as you can see what kind of training mat you chose will ultimately depend on your requirement and taste. One thing is sure that anyone of these mats should do the trick. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some rocking active wear and a good yoga mat and find yourself a yoga teacher. It will be the best thing you have ever done.

Guide to Yoga Mats

Save Money on Grappling Mats

How to Save Money on Grappling Mats

In this day and age it has become more important than ever to try and save as much money as possible. This pandemic that we are going through with the corona virus that originated in Wuhan China is causing a lot of economic issues. Although not too many people have lost job in Australia, there in no telling what the future will bring. Companies are definitely struggling and that includes MMA schools and other grappling organisations.

Taking all of this in consideration one would expect that people would want to save money on their grappling mats as well. It is not cheap to buy grappling mats and when you train a lot then you would effect them to wear out faster. Indeed with all these lock downs and such people are training more than ever. I mean there is only so much Netflix that you can watch before you get bored to death. That said it is a good idea to know where to get cheap grappling mats.

What are the different types of grappling mats?


Fortunately they are a few options available when looking at grappling mats. They come in different shapes and sizes which are designed to suit different budgets. Usually it not only depends on what your budget is but also your requirements. Take MMA mats and tatami mats for example. Both of these kind of mats are suitable for grappling but the kind of person that buys each depends on what kind of grappling they partake in.  You see usually you would expect a judo person to do for the tatami mats. That is because they have the tatami texture which is a more traditional mat. Also judo guys practice a lot of throws so they need a bit of grip. That is the opposite to the BJJ and MMA guys who tend to go for MMA mats. That is because they spend more time on the ground and therefore try to avoid the mats burn that can come with tatami mats.

Whats the cheapest option for grappling mats?

Fortunately there is a cheaper option when it comes to sourcing your wrestling mats. This comes in the form of EVA mats. EVA mats are an inexpensive option which the vast majority of people take. The great thing is that they come in multiple colours and two different textured finished like the MMA and tatami mats. You have the normal EVA jigsaw Mats and then you have the tatami jigsaw mats. Again both of these training mat options are great. It all depends on what your preference is. One thing is for sure you will save some dollars by going with the EVA jigsaw mat option.

So as you can see there is a lot to consider when choosing your mats. If your budget is one of those things then you got something to think about.

New Warehouse in Melbourne

New Warehouse in Melbourne

We are pleased to announce that Southern Cross Mats has moved to a bigger and better premises in Melbourne. The move from Cheltenham to Braeside has been undertaken so that we can better service our customers with mats. The new warehouse is much larger than the old one. Also the offices are bigger for our staff and there is more parking. All this put together means that we will be able to grow our offerings and improve on the customer experience. With our New Warehouse in Melbourne we are even bigger than ever!

We have already started ordering additional stock to improve availability. We just received a shipment of yoga mats and have a 40′ container coming packed with EVA jigsaw mats. In time we will expand with other mats such as rubber gym mats and German made MMA mats and tatami mats. So we are very excited about the future of Southern Cross Mats and its parent Ezy Mats. We will keep you posted with further developments as that come about.

Photo of our New Warehouse in Melbourne.

New Warehouse in Melbourne

interlocking jigsaw mats

New Container of 20mm Jigsaw Mats And 40mm Jigsaw Mats

We have a new container of 20mm jigsaw mats and 40mm jigsaw mats that have arrived today in our Sydney warehouse. The container was a 20′ container and the new stock is all black and grey. Whilst most of the container is pre-ordered there is still some stock available for purchase. While it is not a large container so we don’t expect the stock the last very long.

Our 20mm black / grey jigsaw mats and 40mm black / grey jigsaw mats are very popular with customers. Our black and grey mats were amongst out first range of mats when we started the mats business and they remain a very popular item. It seems to be a very modern colour option for people to use in their gym. Our black and out grey tatami mats and MMA mats are also very popular training mats. Probably for the same reason and the jigsaw mats.

Our training mats have been very popular recently. Now with lots of people staying at home it seems as if they have been setting up their home gyms which as increase demand for all kinds of training mats. Other suppliers of sporting and exercise equipment have also experience higher demand due to the corona virus, as people rush to stock up their home gyms.

New Container of 20mm Jigsaw Mats And 40mm Jigsaw Mats

Hand Sanitiser

Train Safer With Hand Sanitiser

Oh how the world has changed. In a couple of months we have gone from a pumping economy and really loving it to total lock down. What a disaster it has been. As we all pretty much know now this corona virus which originated in Wuhan China is having a massive impact in Australia and abroad. Due to measured designed to combat the virus thousands of businesses have had to shut down. This has included gyms and other training centres like martial arts schools for BJJ, tae kwon do and kung fu etc. The lock down is designed to limit social contact and therefore halt the spread of the virus.

Fortunately now the government is looking at easing the restrictions to allow life to slowly return to normal. To open though, businesses will have to take measure to ensure the safety of their staff and clientele. Amongst those measure will be the availability of hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is designed to kill germs and viruses on contact. It is that reason that it is believed to be effective against the corona (wuhan) virus or covid-19 as it is also know.

Ezymats now have hand sanitiser available for its customers. Although we have sold out of 1L bottles, we still have 5L and 500ml bottles of hand sanitiser available. We have sold our hand sanitiser to a variety of businesses including bottle shops, hair dressers, construction companies etc. They are especially good if you plan on doing contact sports (with government approval) such as judo and BJJ. 

We also have a great supply of gym mats and training mats if you are looking to setup a home gym or replace your existing old gym mats. We have container loads of mats constantly arriving to satisfy the needs of our valued customers.

Train Safer With Hand Sanitiser

Train Safer With Hand Sanitiser

Fit For Summer

Gym Mats for Karate and Martial Arts

There are a heap of interesting UFC fight coming up in the not too distant future. You have Conor McGregor making a return to the ring after an absence of three years and you have the legendary Jon Jones schedule to fight after an infrequent fight schedule due suspension problems.

All of this is great for the fans because let’s face it there has not been a lot of excitement in the realm of MMA lately. Apart from Stipe Miocic’s victory over Cornier in the heavy weight devision there is not much to talk about. Thankfully 2020 will be a lot more exciting than 2019.

All of this bodes well for the sport of martial arts in total. I mean the move excited that people get about MMA the more likely they are to buy themselves some gym mats and do some martial arts training. Without some thing to spur them on people end up staying home and watching cartoons on the television. Being inspired to do some training such as martial arts is good for the brain as much as it is for the body. So in that regard this year is looking to be a good year for both the body and soul.

Of course if people are going to do more training then it is good that they do use gym mats for their training. But it must be said that even if you call them gym mats it doesn’t mean you can’t use them for martial arts. Indeed what most martial artists would call gym mats other people would simply call them karate mats or more broadly martial arts mats. So clearly they same kind of mat can have multiple names. 


Gym Mats for Karate and Martial Arts

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