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Karate Tournaments Still Prefer EVA Foam Mats

Karate is still an immensely popular sport practiced by people all over the world. There are hundreds of styles in existence both traditional and modern. Karate is practiced by people of all ages and style. Some just practice for health and fitness. Other practice it as a competitive sport. When they practice it as a competitive sport then many chose to attend tournaments where they can test their skills against others. When they do they more then likely fight on EVA mats or foam mats.

Tournaments have long been a popular way for practitioners to test their skills in a safe environment. Karate tournaments can be found on a weekly basis in many cities and suburbs. Whilst karate is not an olympic sport such as tae kwon do, it is not short on people willing to fight one another in an organised competition. Gone are the days when people would simply challenge one another (sometimes to the death). Nowadays people are more inclined to want to compete with other people in a safe setting. Most tournaments have strict rules, and doctor and more importantly karate mats.

Safety mats such as karate mats, EVA mats, jigsaw mats and foam mats are an integral part of providing a safe place for people to either compete or train. In fact not only will you find these mats at karate tournament, you are just as likely to find them at the karate dojo. No school or competition is complete without some kind of karate mats on the floor to provide practitioners protection.

Gym Mats for Your Martial Arts Gym

Donald Trump And The Effect on Fitness Equipment

The below article is part of a press release that Southern Cross Mats put out regarding the effects the recent trade friction between the USA and its trading partners might have on world trade. Of particular interest is the effect to will have on fitness equipment. As Southern Cross Mats is a major supplier of jigsaw mats and gym mats in the Australian market they are closely monitoring what effects it might have. It is also important to keep the market in touch with things that may effect it.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s trade tariff announcements have caused significant concern for numerous countries around the world. That response may be expected, but there is a potential consequence no one could have predicted: Australian fitness fans could find themselves unlikely victims of Trump’s quest for a trade war.

The Down Low on Trumps Tariffs

President Trump seems determined to enter a trade war with China — he describes trade wars as “easy to win” — in an effort to increase manufacturing output and create jobs in the USA. Trump has stated he plans to place tariffs of a wide range of goods imported from China into the US. This news has been met with global dismay, with many experts seeking to point out that trade wars are rarely “easy”, and are more frequently a zero sum game.

At the present time, Australia has not earned the US President’s ire directly, but the consequences of Trump’s actions could have an impact on the trading relationship and supply chain prices between Australia and China. As a result of the US tariffs, China may be forced to raise prices on a number of products for all countries, with items that may be impacted including gym mats— and that’s where the problems begin for Australian fitness fans.

The Impact of Tariffs for Fitness fanatics

On a one-off basis, the average Australian customer is unlikely to notice an increase in these prices that have risen as a result of President Donald Trump. Individually, customers who are buying products from the likes of Southern Cross Mats are unlikely to notice too much of a price difference, so it may be tempting for individuals to dismiss any knock-on impact from the tariffs. 

For customers who spend a lot of time at the gym, there may soon be a rise in gym subscription costs as a result of the US tariffs on Chinese goods. The reason for this is simple: gyms need to keep their facilities full of equipment, which is usually achieved by buying high-quality, low-cost EVA mats from China. If the manufacturers in China raise their prices to deal with the impact of the Trump tariffs, then it’s likely that gyms will need to raise their subscription prices to cover the cost. 

The cost to fitness gyms and users

Fitness experts have warned that the tariffs are bad news for anybody intending to step inside a gym in the foreseeable future, as the POTUS seems determined to extend the — already more than 1000 lines long — list of items that the US will be collecting tariffs on. Even if China cuts its trade with the US to lessen the impact, there isn’t a country in the West that will escape some blowback.

With these tariffs certain to have an effect on the price of gym equipment such as jigsaw puzzle mats and similar essentials that are imported from China, fitness fanatics here in Oz could soon be counting the cost of Trump’s decisions. 

For these reasons it is sure that the effect of such actions are of great concern to consumers of all types of goods the world over. What’s more countries and financial markets will be on edge as they wait to see what the outcome of any negotiation might be between the USA and trading partners such as the EU and China. Stay turn for more new in coming weeks and months.

red blue 40mm jigsaw mats

Kid’s Friendly Flooring From Direct Mats

Foam mats are the simplest and easiest way to make a floor a secured and nice-looking.  One of the most popular flooring materials, jigsaw foam mats. They are considered to be the most kid’s friendly floor material nowadays. With greater safety appeal and a flexibility this type of flooring materials is gaining popularity both in home and professional environments.

Unfortunately, not every flooring specialist deals with jigsaw foam mats. If you are living in Australia, then you need to go for a jigsaw mats specialist shop to find out your desirable jigsaw mat. And if you are considering of buying foam jigsaw mat or interlocking mats for home, then Southern Cross Mats is the best and most renowned store in Melbourne. We also have a warehouse and store in Sydney so we can service customer Australia Wide.

Since the start, Southern Cross Mats has stocked several types of gym mats and  foam mats in Australian. Whether you want to buy directly from one of the stores or simply purchase online while sitting in the comfort of your home, Southern Cross Mats has you covered. You can book your  jigsaw mats over the phone and directly pick it from the store or can place your order and we can arrange delivery to your doorstep.


Why Southern Cross Mats?

  • Being a customer-centric company, it always aims at offering the products and services that will address the exact needs of clients and give them a highly professional experience while working with the staffs of the firm. Besides of selling jigsaw mats and foam mats, it also assists clients to get a perfectly installation service. By providing the expert guide for installing jigsaw foam mats. The mats are easy to install so with a bit of guidance you shouldn’t have any trouble.


  • Jigsaw foam tiles are the best option for safe and soft flooring and has become the most favourite choice for schools, children psychotherapeutic clinics, homes, playrooms, and more. Owing to this cause, Southern Cross Mats has covered up a vast range of products and options for catering the needs of every client easily. Jigsaw floor mats from Southern Cross Mats are available in ranges of thicknesses, and colours sizes. Whether it is your kids’ room, your workshop, your playroom or any other place, you can get mats for suiting all sized and designer rooms, decorations and interiors.


  • Southern Cross Mats carries foam floor mats in several bright colours, gentle shades and wood pattern designs that can complement any home decor. Most of the interlocking mats, foam jigsaw mats, and martial arts mats are flexible for a variety of uses.


  • Mats are designed to be on floor and so Southern Cross Mats always focuses on giving clients the best quality products. Though they are made of EVA foam, they are also durable enough to withstand regular contact with shoes and feet. This is the reason we use only quality materials so that a client can enjoy long-lasting benefits from the mat.


Beside of sizes and colours, Southern Cross Mats also gives a cost-effective price approach for our customer. All products offered by Southern Cross Mats are cost-effective and comes to suit any budget. We alway strive to be the most competitive supplier in the market. So if you need kid friendly flooring at a budget look no further.

UFC heavy champion Stipe Miocic

Daniel Cornier Fights Stipe Miocic at UFC 226

As you may have already heard Stipe Miocic is set to defend his UFC heavy weight title against Daniel Cornier at UFC 226 on July 7th. The fight will take place somewhere in the USA and is set to be a excellent fight between to opponents. The fact that they are two seasoned fighters and experienced wrestlers makes the fight even more exciting.

Daniel Cormier wrestled at Oklahoma State University prior to making the U.S. Olympic team in 2004 and then again in 2008. His interest in wrestling is so great that he has accepted a head-coaching role with the wrestling program at Gilroy High School, which is located south of San Jose, California, USA. Stipe Miocic was himself a seasoned wrestler who  wrestled while at Eastlake North High School. So the fact that both have spend considerable time on wrestling mats will make for a very interesting match indeed.

It is interesting to note that Miocic was a Gold Gloves boxing champion while in college before making his mark in MMA. Cornier current training at the American Kickboxing Academy which means that they are both very competent stand up fighters as well. It is no doubt that they have spend considerable time on their gym mats training for this fight. Hopefully it will be a great fight and bring lots of enjoyment. It is sure to be watched by a large audience and we all look forward to it.

40MM Tatami Mats - Grey

Understanding What Tatami Mats Are

Traditional Tatami mats are made of cloth and rush and are of Japanese origin. These woven mats are used in homes as well as commercial settings in that country. We at Southern Cross Mats have taken inspiration from these traditional mats and offer our customers an excellent range of Tatami Mats that can be used in commercial and home gyms, playrooms, fitness centres, martial arts centres etc.

Features of Tatami mats

  • The difference is that our Tatami mats are made of vinyl but look like their traditional counterparts.
  • These products have an anti-skid underside.
  • Their inner layer is made of sponge that has been compressed to provide cushioning and comfort.
  • There are tatami mats of different densities.
  • We can customise the sizes for you.
  • They are an ideal flooring solution for areas where gym activities or contact sports such as martial arts are being performed.
  • They are also used in physical training, aerobic and competition sport zones.
  • The mats are typically available in grey and black shades but other colours can be made available too.
  • You can order Tatami mats in the thickness you need.
  • It is very easy to pivot while performing kicks in judo and karate sessions.
  • Tatami mats have a good absorption rate and are great for big judo throws.
  • They are a “forgiving” floor and are very suitable for martial arts centres where kids will be training. Parents feel more comfortable knowing that the flooring provides a certain amount of cushioning.
  • They are easy to maintain and extremely durable.
  • Cost effective solution for all types of gym and physical training areas or any other high activity area.

While these mats are very resilient, you need to acquire them from credible suppliers. For top quality Tatami Mats the only company you need to come to is Southern Cross Mats. For more information, feel free to call us at 1300 168 828. You can also use this Contact Us form to get in touch with us.

Why Jigsaw Mats are a Great Option for your Gym Floor

If you own a commercial gym, you know exactly how competitive the space is. There are a number of different sizes of gyms that offer various amenities to attract more members. With this in view, it becomes important for you to choose the best equipment, fittings and fixtures and facilities at your gym. While most owners focus on all these things, many tend to forget that the flooring in their gym needs as much attention as any other feature or installation.

Jigsaw mats- the perfect gym floor material

Tiled floors are a no-no because they don’t provide the kind of cushioning required in a gym environment. The people that use gym expect a floor that will be comfortable to work out on and firm at the same time. This is where Southern Cross Mats’ jigsaw mats come in. These mats are a great solution for your commercial gym because:

  • Strong and durable-They are extremely resilient and are able to endure the wear and tear a commercial gym sees. These mats are dense enough to withstand all that beating and still stay looking good for a number of years without any trouble.
  • Aesthetically appealing– Our jigsaw mats are available in a variety of colours and you can use either a single colour or multiple colours to create a pattern on the gym floor. We also have black and grey coloured jigsaw mats of if you want a more rugged look in your gym.
  • Economical– Our mats are very cost-effective and since they are very durable, the cost of ownership is lower well.
  • Comfort– Jigsaw gym mats are soft and comfortable, yet firm and become the ideal flooring solution for all areas of your gym.

For top quality jigsaw mats the only company you need to come to is Southern Cross Mats. For more information, feel free to call us at 1300 168 828. You can also use this Contact Us form to get in touch with us.

Need Mats For a Home Gym? – Try Interlocking Mats

When you are setting up a home gym, you want products that will be durable, long-lasting and aesthetically-appealing. Its why you take a lot of care while choosing your gym equipment. In addition to the actual equipment, you also need to ensure the space is well ventilated, has sufficient light and the right type of flooring. This is where interlocking mats come into the picture.

These mats are made of EVA foam and are the ideal flooring solution for home gyms. EVA or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is a soft material that provides a certain amount of firmness when you are standing on it. There are different qualities and thicknesses of EVA mats and we at Southern Cross Mats have a wide range of them.

There are a number of benefits to opting for interlocking mats such as:

  • They create a very safe flooring surface that provides the right amount of cushioning.
  • The mats have insulating properties and dull the sound of metal equipment.
  • Interlocking mats are very easy to install and the pieces fit into each other to form very smooth and stable flooring.
  • These mats are available in a variety of colours and add to the aesthetics of your home gym.
  • Our mats are available in a variety of thicknesses and this allows you to choose products that match your requirement and budget.
  • The mats don’t need to be glued down to the floor to keep them in place as they have an interlocking design. This also makes it easy to relocate the pieces if you need to.
  • Since the installation is so easy, you can manage it yourself and it can be done very quickly as well.

For top quality interlocking mats the only company you need to come to is Southern Cross Mats. For more information, feel free to call us at 1300 168 828. You can also use this Contact Us form to get in touch with us.

Gym Mats- The Varieties to Choose From

A gym mat is a great surface to work out on and is commonly used in home gyms, fitness centres as well as commercial gyms. They provide a firm yet cushioned surface to stand on and are perfect for light as well as heavy workouts. Since they are soft, they help prevent impacts from injuries and also reduce the amount of strain that people generally experience when they work out on hard surfaces.

When you are purchasing gym mats you need to ensure that you purchase them from reputed suppliers like us at Southern Cross Mats. We have been operating in this space for a number of years and have been supplying the best quality mats to commercial as well as individual customers. Regardless of what your requirement is, we are the company to come to for all your gym mat needs.

Gym mat varieties

There are a number of different types of gym mats to choose from such as:

  • Rubber mats are an economical option in comparison to vinyl and are extremely sturdy and durable. They are the perfect solution for any gym or fitness centre and can endure high foot traffic.
  • Vinyl mats are made from a mix of materials such as vinyl and compressed foam and they are great for gym spaces. They provide sound insulation and cushion impact as well.
  • EVA jigsaw mats are widely used in gym settings and can be installed in rooms of any size and shape.

The gym mats you buy from us will always be of the highest quality. If you aren’t too sure about the types of mats you need, all you have to do is call us and speak with our experts. They will provide you all the information you need about these mats and help you find products that match your needs and fit into your budget.

For top quality gym mats the only company you need to come to is Southern Cross Mats. For more information, feel free to call us at 1300 168 828. You can also use this Contact Us form to get in touch with us.

Gym mats and foam mats for christmas

Gym Mats For Christmas

That time of the year is coming around again and after a year of hard work it is some to take a break and celebrate the festive season with our loved ones. Now we get to put up our feet and have a BBQ or two in the warm Australian summer. But before we get to relax we first need to think of what we will be buying our friends and families this Christmas as gifts. This is not always an easy task.

A great Christmas gift for anyone is a set of gym mats. Gym mats are a great way to burn off a little bit of Christmas cheer and to continue to shed some weight in the aftermath of what is usually a time of eating and sitting around by the pool or watching cricket. Gym mats are also a great way to tell your loved ones how much you care about their well being and to give them incentive to get up and do some exercise. There is no greater hint then giving a piece of exercise equipment like gym mats.

Gym mats are made from EVA foam which gives them the absorbing qualities needed for vigorous training. Foam mats, as they are otherwise know, are a great way to minimise the impact that hard training can have on your body. Foam mats are available in a number of thicknesses so they can be tailored to whatever activity you may need them for. They also come in different colour options to match with your surrounding.

Foam mats are not only good for training areas but can also be used for play areas as well. If you have setup an indoor play area for your kids they are a great way to reduce injury when kids are playing. Whilst they can’t protect against all mishaps and falls and are no substitute to adult supervision they can definitely reduce the impact when a child falls down. You can either use our standard foam mats for a kids area or purchase specialised kids mats which come in colourful patterns and alphabets.

So if you are looking at a good practical present for your family this Christmas then look no further the our foam mats and gym mats.

Jigsaw Mats For Skipping

Gym Mats For a Safe Training Environment

The gym mats we provide offer safety and adaptability. It’s up to you how you use them, and they’ll be sure to meet your specific needs. But why are mats so important? When exercising, carrying out practices or doing drills, you need to have the security and safety that a good gymnastics mat provides.


No matter what kind of routine you have and follow, you need to be sure that you can rely on the mat underneath you. Without that peace of mind, your routine might be disturbed because your mind will be focused elsewhere. And the worst case scenario, you can even get hurt unnecessarily. There is no need for anyone to get hurt when exercising and doing gymnastics routines.


We make sure that each of our gymnastics mats is made using the best quality materials possible. This provides buyers like you with a product that can be relied on in any given situation. Have confidence in your mat of choice, and stop worrying about whether or not it can offer you the support you need. When you buy from us, those worries will quickly become a thing of the past.


Roll Out Mats


We have three different sizes of roll out mats that you can purchase. The smallest is our 3-meter roll out mat. It’s a size that will be more than big enough for the majority of gymnasts and buyers out there. But if you need something bigger, you might want to consider our 6-meter or 12-meter options. These provide far more room, and, therefore, they’re more adaptable and offer a few more possibilities.


All of our roll out mats are blue, and they’re made from EVA foam and felt. They’re 35mm thick, meaning that they offer plenty of protection for you when carrying out your routines. As far as we’re concerned, our roll out mats are the ultimate mats, and they’re all you’ll ever need. The felt finish makes them attractive and pleasant to the touch. You won’t find a gymnastics mat that’s more suitable for your gymnastics needs, no matter how hard you look.


One of the great things about these mats is that they are so easy to roll up and store. They might be big when they’re rolled out and ready to use. But that doesn’t mean that they have to take up space at other things. This is something that you should keep in mind and be aware of. You can carry them to and from where you train very easily as well. As any gymnast or trainer will know, that’s a major blessing in itself.


Fold Mats


Our 3-fold mats offer something a little different, and these mats can be very useful for a variety of different uses. Many people use these mats in the home when they want to get active. They come in a variety of different colours. You can choose between black, blue and red options. They weigh only 3.5 kg, meaning they’re kept lightweight and easy to carry around. The dimensions of these mats are 60 x 60 x 16 cm.


There are three separate parts to the mat, and it’s this that allows them to be folded up neatly and simply. They can then be stored very easily and simply in the home. That’s something that’s really important, so take it into account when you’re making your choice. This is what makes them so appealing to people who want to use them around the home. They can be used for yoga, home judo, pilates and many other activities that you prefer to do around the home too.


Their use is not simply confined to use around the home, though. They can also be used in the gym and wherever you want to get active or do some gymnastics. Their tough design and high-quality materials mean that they can handle heavy usage and being moved around a lot. Take advantage of this and take your 3-fold mat wherever you need to and wherever you want to use it. There is no limits to what you can do with it.

If you have anything else that you want to know about our mats, you should get in touch with us. Our team is always more than happy to answer any questions you might have and give you all of the vital information about the mats we’re proud to sell. We can even help point you in the direction of the mat that will be best for you.


Get Fit With Gym Mats For Summer

This time of year is here and it is time to get ready for summer. All of us will be looking at starting some extra training to loose some of the weight you accumulated during winter. Whilst those extra pounds are ok when you are wearing jumper and coats it is another thing when you put on a bikini or your budgy smugglers. Before you start planning your training regime it might be a good idea to think of the equipment you will be needing to hep you through your training sessions. You might particularly  want to break out some gym mats as they will definitely help you prolong your training.

It is all and good to ramp up the training leading up to summer but you might also want to protect your body by purchasing some gym mats. Gym mats are aways a great way to help combat the fatigue that comes with hours spent training and doing your vigorous exercises. Fortunately gym mats come in a variety of thicknesses to be tailored to the intensity of the activity you are doing. While some light exercise may only require the thinner mats if you doing more intensive then you might want to consider some thicker mats.

Foam mats are aways an excellent addition to your training area as they help assist with limiting injury and fatigue. Foam mats are used by people all over the world for all sorts of activities. With foam mats you really are helping ensure that your time spent training won’t come with an injured or fatigued body thereby allowing you to train longer and harder.

interlocking foam mat green - yellow

Foam Mats for all Your Training Needs

We often get asked the question of which are the better mats for this activity or that. The truth is the type of mats you use for any given activity depends on what you are going and what the out come of your training needs to be. Also the type of area you are using can play a major role in what you might choose to use for your train area. The bottom line is that where you are engaging in a vigorous activity you should probably look at getting some safety mats the help mitigate any risk your activity might attract.

That said I am a big fan of foam mats. Foam mats, as the name implies, are made from compressed foam which is then die-cut into a jigsaw pattern. The die-cutting of the foam mats means that the size is uniform and that each piece will easily slot in to the next, therefore creating a continual surface. Also now as puzzle mats, foam mats are easy to manufacture and transport which makes them and idea product. If you are considering laying some training mats in your dojo or training area then you really can’t go any further then foam mats.

The other benefit of these mats is that they are easily cut. All you need is a Stanley Knife or box cutter and you will easily cut through an EVA mat. This is handy during the installation process as it allows you to fit your mats in non-square corners or to cut around furniture or other obstacles. Foam mats are a truly versatile product.

Gym mats are foam mats and jigsaw mats.

Dollar Down After Disappointing Inflation Data

The Australian dollar was down this morning  after weaker then expected inflation data. The rate of inflation came in at 0.2% instead of the expected  0.4%. The core rate was 0.5% which was in line with expectations. Although the RBA is more likely to take core inflation into account, the announcement spooked traders  which saw the dollar fall by 0.3%. Immediately after the announcement it found itself just above the $0.79 mark.

We don’t expect the current fluctuation of the AUD to have a dramatic effect on the price of gym mats. The dollar has been relatively high in the past few months which has kept the price of gym mats low. In any case suppliers like Southern Cross Mats are competitive and usually absorb any currency movements. It would take a serious shock to the market to cause a large drop in the AUD and therefore have an effect on imported goods. 

The other factor to consider is the price of oil. As you may very know foam mats are manufactured using EVA which is a petroleum bi-product. Any change in material costs has an effect on the finished product. The price of foam mats has stayed low because the cost of oil has been stable. What’s more any rise in the cost of USD denominated raw materials would have been off-set by the rising AUD which has acted like a buffer. As such we can expect the cost of foam mats to stay low.

Order your jigsaw mats whilst the AUD is good value. You know you will be able to buy your jigsaw mats at a good price when the Australian Dollar is so high. The price of jigsaw mats is much higher when the dollar is around the $0.72 mark. We have heaps of stock of jigsaw mats at the time so order now. We also have a shipment coming regularly.

30mm EVA jigsaw mats are also know as puzzle mats

How Jigsaw Mats Got Their Name?

It is always interesting to find out how certain products got their name. Sometimes it is a vague connection with how a product got it name like Pina Collada. Who would ever know how that drink got its name. I have tried to find out and have had scant success. And what about that movie La La Land. I watched it the other night and I have no idea how that got its name either. I don’t know if it is because it was based in LA or if is about an industry that is so “out there”. Nonetheless it is a puzzle to me (I wonder if they used any puzzle mats in the film).

Which brings us to jigsaw mats. How did jigsaw mats get their name? Whilst it may allude many people to me it seems quite obvious. If you have ever seen a jigsaw mat then you  would have noticed that it resembles a jigsaw puzzle. The main difference is that with a jigsaw puzzle the pieces all fit together differently. This is because it is a game to see if you can find the right pieces to fit together. With jigsaw mats it is not a game. It is serious business. When people buy these mats they don’t want to be mucking around trying to find the right piece. They want the convenience that comes with having interlocking mats that fit together.

So whilst jigsaw mats got their name from a game we at Southern Cross Mats take it quite seriously. For us it is not a game as we love to please our customers and make sure that they get the best deal possible when sourcing their training mats. So if you are also serious about your gym mats then give Southern Cross Mats a call.

interlocking eva jigsaw mats

Why EVA Mats For Martial Arts?

Customers always ask me why EVA mats are so good for martial arts training. It is a good question as martial arts mats are in high demand  now, especially since MMA and BBJ has taken off in the past years. There is a number of answers to this question which I will explore in further details below.

EVA mats are a puzzle mats which is made from expandable foam. The main feature of EVA is that is has absorbing qualities which make it idea as an anti-fatigue mats. EVA can come in a variety of thicknesses depending on the application. It is ideally used to make mats but it can also be used for other applications in both sports and industry. EVA can be dyed into any colour and can even have multiple colours such as our jigsaw mats.

EVA mats are also light weight. As they are made from expandable foam there is no need for any other  material to be used in combination which the mats. They don’t need an additional protective coating as they are easy to clean and are very durable. It is there very durability that makes them so appealing. We have supplied these to all sorts of organisations such as police tactical response training who put them through vigorous work outs in a daily basis. 

Lastly EVA mats are cheap. They are the most inexpensive anti-fatigue  mats you are likely to find. As EVA is just an petroleum bi-product it is a material which is in abundance and is easy to obtain. The inexpensive quality of these mats makes them the ideal product for any organisation that needs to stick to a budget.


Red Black 40mm Jigsaw Mats

Interlocking Gym Mats For Convenient Training

There is nothing worse then having to pack and unpack huge and heavy mats ever time you want to do some training. It is even worse when those same mats come apart while you are training. Apart from the convenience it is also dangerous are your toes can get caught between the gaps which can lead to strains and broken bones.

This is why interlocking gym mats are such a great option. These mats are also referred to as jigsaw mats and foam mats. Interlocking mats are great for a number of reasons and you are sure to experience the benefits once you have tried them.

Easy to assemble – The interlocking nature of the mats make them very easy to assemble. Just like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces fit snuggly into one another forming a perfectly smooth surface. The mats can then be easily taken apart when they are no longer in use.

Easy Storage – These mats are incredibly easy to store. As they are only 1m x 1m they cab be stacked up when they are not in use. And as they are light weight you don’t have to worry about them toppling over and injuring someone.

Light Weight – There mats are very light weight. Each mats weights only 1.5 – 3kgs depending on the thickness. This is extremely light when you take into consideration the size of each mats.

So if you are looking to buy a good gym mat for your training area look no further then EVA interlocking gym mats. They are a great solution for any train area.

Ip Man uses jigsaw mats for wing chun training

Karate Training Mats for You

Even with the proliferation of MMA and other martial art when you think fighting you think karate. Karate was one of the first asian martial arts to be popularised in the west and spread life wild fire when it was first introduced post WWII. Karate schools that sprung up all over the USA, Europe and beyond were our first glimpse at oriental culture and fighting arts.

With the increase popularity came the opening of schools. At first people generally trained on wooden floors. But as OHS system were introduced so to was the need for safety flooring recognised. No same sensui would want to see their students get unnecessarily injured so they start looking for safety floor covering to help prevent injury. This is where karate mats became more prolific. Made from EVA foam karate mats quickly spread to most dojos, especially those that care about the well being of their students.

If you are looking for karate mats then your search is over. We have a large range of karate mats to choose from. Whether you are looking for EVA foam mats or heavy duty vinyl mats then we literally have you covered. And we can have you dojo floor covered in no time.

Southern Cross mats are recognised the world over for their great quality mats and service. We have customers all over the country who have trusted us with the supply of their training mats.

Gym Mats for Your Martial Arts Gym

Premier Supplier For Gyms

Are you planning to open a new gym and don’t know where to source all you floor mats and wall mats? Well look no further the Southern Cross Mats. We are the premier supplier for martial arts  clubs and gym throughout Australia. We have all the mats you need for your next school or new training gym. We have a full range of anti-fatigue mats and safety mats to cover your floors and walls. These are necessary to ensure a safe environment for your students from injury. To check out range by visiting Click Here. Here we have our full range of gym mats on display.

The range of great gym mats that we supply includes:

Wall Mats – The wall padding has 30mm thick foam and 9mm timber backing.

MMA Mats – Our MMA mats have a smooth finish and are 2m x 1m x 40mm.

Tatami Mats – Our tatami mats have a traditional tatami finish and are made from heavy duty material and compressed foam.

Foam gym mats – We have a range of 20mm, 30mm and 40mm jigsaw mats. Our EVA gym mats come in a variety of colours for you to choose from.


When fitting out your next gym contact Southern Cross Mats and we will be glad to help. We will help you better then anyone else.

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