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Take a look at the wide range categories of gym flooring options. These mats are used by professional organisations all around Australia. 

This page lists some of the different types of mats we have on offer. to view our full range please visit our online store. Southern Cross Mats offer an extensive range of gym mats from floor mats to wall mats.

If you need more information before purchasing your training mats give Southern Cross Mats a call today.  



Martial Arts Mats


Gymnastic Mats


BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mats


Interlocking Jigsaw Mats


MMA Mats


Gym Mats


Foam Mats


Interlocking Karate Mats


Interlocking Mats


Jigsaw Puzzle Mats


Parkour Mats


Gym Tiles


Gym Flooring


Pilates Mats


Rubber Gym Mats


Wall Mats


Yoga Mats


Categories Gym Mats

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