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EVA Interlocking Jigsaw Mats


EVA foam interlocking jigsaw mats are designed to be very easy to install. Each piece fits nicely with the other. Unlike a traditional jigsaw puzzle mats, EVA jigsaw mats do not require a vivid imagination to piece them together. Nonetheless there are a few tips people need to know before installation. Below are some points you should consider before installing your EVA jigsaw mats:

  • Use a clean and level surface for your jigsaw mats. If the surface isn’t level then use a leveller or consider underlay.
  • Buy your jigsaw mats in advance so they can acclimatise to the environment where they will be used.
  • Have a clear view where you will laying your mats. Measure and plan the area carefully. A tape measure or chalk line is usefully to measure out the area.
  • Take into account any obstructions that you may need to deal with and plan accordingly.
  • When laying the mats make sure you remember to accommodate the edging.
  • EVA jigsaw mats should not be glued to the floor.
  • EVA jigsaw mats should not be used in conduction with other jigsaw mats.
  • Do not place any other surface on top of jigsaw mats (e.g. carpet, other jigsaw mats etc) as it may cause warping.
  • Enjoy your jigsaw mats.

If you are not sure you can do a good job installing your jigsaw mats always consider professional help.

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