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crash mats versatility

Unveiling the Versatility of Crash Mats: A Must-Have for Every Gym

In the bustling world of fitness and athletics, having the right equipment can make all the difference in ensuring safety, performance, and success. Among the essentials that stand out for their remarkable versatility are crash mats. These thick, cushioned mats are not only indispensable for gymnastics and martial arts but also find utility across a spectrum of activities, making them a cornerstone of any professional gym setup. Today, let’s explore the myriad uses of crash mats versatility and how they seamlessly integrate with other mats, especially roll-out mats, to create a top-tier training environment.

Gymnastics and Acrobatics

One of the most prominent uses of crash mats is in gymnastics and acrobatics training. These mats provide essential cushioning for athletes practicing flips, tumbles, and aerial maneuvers, minimizing the risk of injury during landings. Whether it’s on the balance beam, vault, or floor exercise, crash mats offer peace of mind to gymnasts as they push the boundaries of their skills.

Martial Arts and Combat Sports

In the realm of martial arts and combat sports, safety is paramount. Crash mats serve as reliable shock absorbers, offering protection during throws, takedowns, and grappling techniques. They provide a soft landing surface, reducing the impact on joints and bones during high-intensity training sessions. From judo and jiu-jitsu to wrestling and MMA, crash mats are indispensable for practitioners of all levels.

Parkour and Freerunning

Parkour enthusiasts and freerunners are no strangers to pushing their limits in urban environments. Crash mats serve as essential safety measures during training, allowing athletes to practice jumps, flips, and vaults with confidence. Whether it’s leaping from rooftops or navigating obstacles in the urban landscape, crash mats provide a reliable safety net, enabling practitioners to hone their skills without fear of injury.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Beyond the realm of sports and athletics, crash mats play a crucial role in physical therapy and rehabilitation settings. These mats provide a soft, supportive surface for patients recovering from injuries or undergoing rehabilitation exercises. Whether it’s balance drills, stretching routines, or gentle movements, crash mats offer a comfortable and secure environment for individuals on the path to recovery.

Integration with Roll-Out Mats

While crash mats excel in providing cushioning and impact absorption, they complement other types of mats to create a comprehensive training environment. Roll-out mats, known for their convenience and portability, pair seamlessly with crash mats to expand the training area and accommodate a variety of exercises. Whether it’s rolling, tumbling, or performing floor-based routines, the combination of crash mats and roll-out mats offers versatility and flexibility for athletes of all disciplines.

Southern Cross Mats: The Professional Choice

When it comes to sourcing high-quality mats for professional gyms, Southern Cross Mats stands out as the first choice. With a commitment to excellence and durability, Southern Cross Mats provide crash mats that meet the rigorous demands of gym owners, trainers, and athletes. From superior cushioning to reinforced stitching, their crash mats are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance and safety.

Crash Mats are Indispensable

In the dynamic world of fitness and athletics, crash mats emerge as indispensable allies, offering unparalleled versatility and safety across a wide range of activities. Whether it’s gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, or rehabilitation, these cushioned mats provide the confidence and protection athletes need to push their limits and excel in their pursuits. When combined with roll-out mats from Southern Cross Mats, they form a powerhouse duo, creating a professional training environment that fosters growth, development, and success. Invest in crash mats from Southern Cross Mats and elevate your gym to new heights of excellence.

EVA and Gym Mats in Australia

Elevate Your Workout Experience with Southern Cross Mats – The Ultimate Choice for EVA and Gym Mats in Australia

When it comes to enhancing your fitness routine, the importance of high-quality gym matts cannot be overstated. That’s where Southern Cross Mats comes into the picture, standing out as a leading supplier of gym matts in Australia. Catering to a diverse range of needs, from domestic home gyms to commercial fitness centers, they offer an array of mats that promise to elevate any workout environment.

Understanding EVA Foam Mats

At the core of Southern Cross Mats’ offerings are the EVA Foam mats. These mats are renowned for their durability, cushioning, and lightweight nature, making them an ideal choice for a variety of fitness activities. Whether you’re into yoga, martial arts, or general exercise, EVA foam mats provide the perfect blend of comfort and support.

The Versatility of Gym Mats

Southern Cross Mats doesn’t just stop at EVA foam mats. Their extensive range includes various types of gym mats, each designed to meet specific needs. From thick, plush mats perfect for high-impact activities to slim, agile ones for yoga and stretching, there’s something for every type of exercise. These mats are not just about comfort; they’re essential for safety, reducing the risk of injuries during workouts.

Southern Cross Mats – A Cut Above the Rest

What sets Southern Cross Mats apart is their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As a trusted supplier in Australia, they’ve built a reputation for providing premium mats that stand the test of time. They prioritize eco-friendliness and non-toxic materials, ensuring that their products are safe for all users.

Applications in Various Settings

The versatility of Southern Cross Mats extends to their wide range of applications. They are equally effective in domestic settings like personal home gyms and in commercial spaces such as professional gyms, fitness centers, and sports facilities. The positive testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers underscore their effectiveness in diverse environments.

Choosing the Right Mat for Your Needs

Selecting the right mat can be daunting, but Southern Cross Mats makes it easy. They guide you through the process, considering factors like thickness, size, material, and maintenance needs. Whether you’re into intensive weightlifting or calming yoga sessions, they have the perfect mat tailored for your activity.

In conclusion, for anyone serious about their fitness and looking for the perfect gym mat, Southern Cross Mats stands as the go-to supplier in Australia. Their commitment to quality, variety, and customer satisfaction ensures that your safety and comfort are never compromised.

Visit Southern Cross Mats today to find the perfect mat for your fitness journey. With Southern Cross Mats, you’re not just buying a mat; you’re investing in a safer, more effective, and enjoyable workout experience.

Guide to Jigsaw Mats

Unraveling the Benefits of Jigsaw Mats: A Southern Cross Mats Guide

Introducing Jigsaw Mats

In the world of fitness and sports, the right equipment is crucial for performance and safety. One key element often overlooked is the surface you train on. Enter jigsaw mats – a versatile, durable, and safe flooring solution. Southern Cross Mats, a leader in gym mat supplies, offers an extensive range of jigsaw mats perfect for various settings.

What Makes Jigsaw Mats Special

Jigsaw mats, known for their interlocking design reminiscent of a jigsaw puzzle, offer a secure and stable flooring option. This design ensures the mats remain intact during rigorous activities, reducing the risk of slips and falls. They are typically made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, balancing comfort and durability.

Customization and Variety

Southern Cross Mats provides a range of thicknesses and colors in their jigsaw mats. While 40mm mats are standard and suitable for high-impact exercises, they can arrange thicker mats on special order. The colour variance, however, may differ from batch to batch, adding a unique character to each set.

Choosing the Right Mat for You

Selecting the perfect mat involves considering factors like cost, color, thickness, and the type of activity it will be used for. The 40mm mats, for instance, are ideal for higher impact exercises. However, Southern Cross Mats advises customers to consider their specific needs before making a choice.

Installation and Maintenance

These mats are easy to install due to their interlocking mechanism. For additional stability on slippery surfaces, a non-slip underlay is recommended. They’re also lightweight and easy to transport, making them a convenient option for various settings.

Safety First

Safety is a paramount concern at Southern Cross Mats. While they strive to maintain uniformity in thickness and size, slight variations can occur due to the nature of expandable foam used in manufacturing. This commitment to safety extends to every aspect of their product design and customer service.

Ordering and Delivery

Southern Cross Mats ensures a smooth ordering process, with delivery options available across Australia. They provide tracking numbers and details for customer convenience. Customers should be aware of the Authority to Leave (ATL) status of deliveries for secure receipt of their orders.


Jigsaw mats from Southern Cross Mats offer a blend of safety, durability, and comfort, making them an ideal choice for gyms, martial arts studios, and home workout areas. Their customer-centric approach, from product variety to delivery and after-sales service, marks them as a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their training environment.

Visit Southern Cross Mats to explore their range of jigsaw mats, or contact them for expert advice and assistance in selecting the perfect mat for your needs.

Rehabilitation Jigsaw Mats

Jigsaw Mats: The Perfect Solution for Home Training and Rehabilitation

For anyone looking to create a safe and conducive environment for home training or rehabilitation, finding the right floor solution is crucial. Enter jigsaw mats, a favorite choice for many fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation specialists. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of rehabilitation jigsaw mats and highlight why Southern Cross Mats stands out as a premium supplier.

1. Versatility of Jigsaw Mats

Jigsaw mats, also known as interlocking mats or puzzle mats, are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of activities. From martial arts, yoga, and pilates to general fitness routines and rehabilitation exercises, these mats provide a reliable surface.

2. Safety First

When engaging in any physical activity, safety is of utmost importance. Jigsaw mats provide a non-slip surface, ensuring users have a firm grip during their workouts. This feature is especially crucial for individuals undergoing rehabilitation, as a slip or fall can lead to re-injury or further complications.

3. Customizable to Your Space

One of the significant benefits of jigsaw mats is their modularity. You can customize the layout to fit any room size or shape, allowing you to transform any space into a training or rehabilitation area. Whether you have a compact apartment or a spacious basement, jigsaw mats can be tailored to suit your needs.

4. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Hygiene should always be a priority, especially in spaces where you sweat and exert yourself. Thankfully, jigsaw mats are designed for easy cleaning. A simple wipe down with a mild detergent ensures that your training area remains fresh and sanitary.

5. Comfort and Durability

High-quality jigsaw mats provide a comfortable cushioning, ensuring that users do not feel the hardness of the floor during exercises. This feature is particularly beneficial for rehab exercises that require lying down. Furthermore, when you invest in mats from a reputable supplier like Southern Cross Mats, you’re guaranteed a product that is both comfortable and durable.

Southern Cross Mats: A Name You Can Trust

When it comes to jigsaw mats, not all suppliers are created equal. Southern Cross Mats has emerged as a premium supplier because of several key reasons:

  • Quality Assurance: They offer high-quality, premium mats that stand the test of time. Their products are designed with the user’s comfort and safety in mind.
  • Variety of Choices: Whether you’re looking for different colors, thicknesses, or sizes, Southern Cross Mats has a comprehensive range to cater to individual needs.
  • Excellent Customer Service: With a dedicated team ready to assist, they ensure that customers get the best advice and service when choosing the right mat.
  • Affordability: Despite their premium quality, Southern Cross Mats are competitively priced, ensuring that everyone can afford a safe and comfortable training environment.

In Conclusion

Jigsaw mats are an excellent choice for anyone looking to set up a home training or rehabilitation space. They offer safety, comfort, and flexibility, ensuring that users can focus on their workouts and recovery without any worries. And when you source these mats from a trusted supplier like Southern Cross Mats, you’re guaranteed a product that will serve you well for years to come.

Rubber mats for gym flooring

Enhance Your Gym Flooring with High-Quality Rubber Mats

When it comes to setting up a gym or fitness facility, choosing the right flooring is crucial. One material that has gained immense popularity in recent years is rubber. Rubber mats, specifically designed for gym flooring, offer numerous benefits such as durability, shock absorption, and slip resistance. In this blog, we will explore how rubber mats from Southern Cross Mats play a vital role in creating a safe and comfortable environment for fitness enthusiasts.

The Importance of Gym Flooring

Your gym’s flooring is the foundation of a safe and functional workout space. It needs to withstand heavy equipment, constant foot traffic, and rigorous activities while ensuring the safety and well-being of gym-goers. The right flooring material can minimize the risk of injuries caused by slipping or falling and provide the necessary support for various types of exercises.

Rubber Mats: The Ideal Gym Flooring Solution

Rubber mats have gained a reputation as the go-to option for gym flooring due to their exceptional qualities. Let’s delve into the reasons why they are the ideal choice:

  1. Durability and Longevity

Rubber mats are renowned for their exceptional durability. Made from high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand heavy usage and the impact of weights and equipment. This makes them an excellent long-term investment for any gym or fitness facility. Southern Cross Mats provides top-notch rubber mats that are built to last, ensuring your gym flooring remains intact for years to come.

  1. Shock Absorption and Impact Resistance

The shock-absorbing properties of rubber mats are vital in any gym environment. They act as a cushioning layer, reducing the impact on joints, bones, and muscles during intense workouts. By absorbing the shock, rubber mats help prevent injuries and minimize strain, allowing gym-goers to push themselves further without discomfort or pain.

  1. Slip Resistance and Safety

Safety is paramount in a gym setting, and rubber mats excel in this aspect. The textured surface of rubber mats offers excellent traction, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls. This becomes particularly crucial in areas prone to moisture, such as near showers or water fountains. By choosing rubber mats from Southern Cross Mats, you can provide a secure environment for gym users, ensuring their confidence and peace of mind while exercising.

  1. Noise and Vibration Reduction

Gym equipment and heavyweights can generate considerable noise and vibrations, leading to disruptions for other gym-goers and neighboring areas. Rubber mats possess outstanding noise-dampening properties, significantly reducing sound transmission and vibrations. By incorporating rubber mats into your gym flooring, you can create a quieter environment and maintain a positive atmosphere for everyone.

  1. Easy Maintenance and Hygiene

Maintaining cleanliness in a gym is crucial for the health and well-being of its users. Rubber mats are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. They resist stains, dirt, and moisture, making them simple to wipe down and sanitize. Additionally, the non-porous nature of rubber mats prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, ensuring a hygienic workout environment.

Rubber mats for gym flooring

Incorporating high-quality rubber mats into your gym flooring offers numerous benefits. From durability and shock absorption to slip resistance and easy maintenance, these mats provide an ideal solution for creating a safe and comfortable workout space. Southern Cross Mats offers a wide range of premium rubber mats designed specifically for gym flooring, ensuring that your fitness facility meets the highest standards.

Invest in rubber mats from Southern Cross Mats today, and enhance your gym flooring to provide a superior exercise experience for all. Create an environment where fitness enthusiasts can push their limits, knowing they are protected by the reliable and durable foundation beneath their feet.

Wall Padding

Wall Padding – An Essential Safety Measure for Any Space

When it comes to creating a safe environment, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important elements to focus on is the protection of individuals from injury. In any space where people gather, there is always a risk of accidents occurring. This is especially true in areas where physical activity takes place, such as sports facilities, gyms, and martial arts studios.

To ensure that individuals are protected from injury, it is essential to install wall padding. Wall padding is a protective material that is installed on the walls of a room or facility to absorb the impact of any accidental collision. This type of padding is especially important in areas where people engage in activities that involve physical contact or where there is a risk of falls.

The Benefits of Wall Padding

Wall padding is an essential safety measure that offers a range of benefits. These benefits include:

  1. Protection from Injury

The primary benefit of wall padding is the protection it provides against injury. In any space where physical activity takes place, there is always a risk of accidents occurring. Wall padding can absorb the impact of any accidental collision, reducing the risk of injury to individuals.

  1. Noise Reduction

Another benefit of wall padding is that it can reduce noise levels in a room or facility. The padding absorbs sound waves, reducing the amount of noise that is transmitted through the walls. This is especially important in spaces where there is a lot of activity, such as sports facilities or gyms.

  1. Aesthetics

Wall padding can also improve the aesthetics of a room or facility. It is available in a range of colors and can be customized to include logos or branding. This allows facilities to create a professional and polished look that is consistent with their brand.

  1. Durability

Wall padding is designed to be durable and long-lasting. It is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. This means that facilities can invest in wall padding with confidence, knowing that it will provide reliable protection for years to come.

Where to Find Wall Padding in Australia

If you are looking for wall padding in Australia, Southern Cross Mats is the perfect solution. Southern Cross Mats offers a range of wall mats and wall pads that are designed to provide maximum protection in any space. Their wall padding is made from high-quality materials and is available in a range of colors and styles to suit any facility.

Southern Cross Mats Wall Padding

Southern Cross Mats offers a range of wall padding options to suit any facility. Their wall pads are made from high-density foam and are covered in a durable vinyl coating. This makes them both durable and easy to clean, ensuring that they remain in top condition for years to come.

Southern Cross Mats wall padding is available in a range of thicknesses and sizes to suit any space. Their wall mats come in standard sizes of 1.2m x 2.4m, but can also be customized to suit individual requirements. This means that facilities can create a wall padding solution that is tailored to their specific needs.

In addition to their standard wall mats and pads, Southern Cross Mats also offers a range of specialty wall padding options. These include corner pads, column pads, and door pads. These specialty pads are designed to provide additional protection in areas where there is a higher risk of impact.


Installing wall padding is a relatively simple process. The padding is attached to the wall using either adhesive or screws. Southern Cross Mats offers a professional installation service for their wall padding products, ensuring that they are installed correctly and provide maximum protection.


Wall padding is an essential safety measure that should be installed in any space where physical activity takes place. It offers a range of benefits, including protection from injury, noise reduction, improved aesthetics, and durability. Southern Cross Mats offers a range of high-quality wall padding options that can be customized to suit any facility. Their wall pads are made from high-density foam and covered in a durable vinyl coating, making them both durable and easy to clean.

If you are considering installing wall padding in your facility, Southern Cross Mats is the perfect solution. With their range of wall pads and mats, as well as their professional installation service, you can rest assured that your space is safe and protected.

gym flooring

Transform Your Gym with High-Quality Jigsaw Mats from Southern Cross Mats

If you’re looking for top-quality gym flooring that offers both comfort and durability, look no further than Southern Cross Mats. Our jigsaw mats are specially designed to provide the perfect balance between support and cushioning, making them ideal for all kinds of workouts and activities. Whether you’re setting up a new gym or simply looking to upgrade your existing flooring, Southern Cross Mats has everything you need.

Why Choose Jigsaw Mats for Your Gym Flooring?

When it comes to gym flooring, there are a lot of options out there. However, jigsaw mats have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with using jigsaw mats in your gym:

  1. Easy Installation: Jigsaw mats are incredibly easy to install, thanks to their interlocking design. Simply connect the pieces like a puzzle, and you’re done! This makes them a great choice for both temporary and permanent gym setups.
  2. Durability: Our jigsaw mats are made from high-quality EVA foam, which is tough enough to withstand even the most intense workouts. They’re also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spills or moisture damage.
  3. Comfort: One of the biggest benefits of jigsaw mats is their ability to provide cushioning and support for your joints. This is especially important for activities like weightlifting, where impact can be tough on your knees and other joints.
  4. Versatility: Jigsaw mats can be used for a wide range of activities, from yoga and Pilates to martial arts and wrestling. They’re also available in a variety of thicknesses and colours, so you can find the perfect mats for your specific needs.

Why Choose Southern Cross Mats for Your Gym Flooring Needs?

Now that you know the benefits of using jigsaw mats for your gym flooring, why should you choose Southern Cross Mats? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Quality: Our jigsaw mats are made from the highest quality EVA foam, ensuring both durability and comfort. We also offer a range of thicknesses, so you can find the perfect mats for your needs.
  2. Customer Service: At Southern Cross Mats, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We’re always here to answer your questions and help you find the right products for your gym.
  3. Competitive Pricing: We offer some of the most competitive pricing on jigsaw mats in Australia, without compromising on quality. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else!
  4. Free Shipping: We offer free shipping on all orders over $300, so you can save even more money on your gym flooring.


If you’re in the market for high-quality gym flooring, look no further than Southern Cross Mats. Our jigsaw mats offer the perfect combination of durability, comfort, and versatility, making them an excellent choice for any gym. With our competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and shipping Australia-wide, you can’t go wrong with Southern Cross Mats.

Benefits of Rubber Mats for Your Gym

The Benefits of Rubber Mats for Your Gym

Rubber mats are a popular flooring option for gyms due to their durability, shock absorption, and slip-resistant properties. They provide a sturdy and safe surface for various activities, including weightlifting, cardio exercises, and yoga. Here are some of the main benefits of rubber mats for your gym:

Improved Safety and Comfort

One of the primary benefits of using rubber mats in your gym is improved safety and comfort. Rubber mats offer excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on your joints and muscles during high-impact activities. They also provide a non-slip surface that helps to prevent slips and falls, which is especially important in a gym setting where there may be a lot of moisture and sweat on the floor.

Additionally, rubber mats provide a comfortable surface that is easy on your feet and back, making it easier to perform exercises for longer periods of time. The cushioning provided by rubber mats also helps to reduce the noise level in your gym, making it a more pleasant and peaceful environment to work out in.

Choosing the Right Gym Mats for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing gym mats, there are various options available, each with its unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most common types of gym mats and their characteristics:

Interlocking Mats

Interlocking mats, also known as puzzle mats, are a versatile and easy-to-install option for gym flooring. They are made from lightweight foam or rubber material and feature interlocking edges that snap together to create a seamless surface. Interlocking mats are available in various sizes, thicknesses, and colors, allowing you to customise your gym flooring to your specific needs and preferences.

Rolled Mats

Rolled mats are another popular option for gym flooring. They are made from rubber material and come in large rolls that can be cut to fit your space. Rolled mats are highly durable and long-lasting, making them a worthwhile investment for any gym owner. They are also easy to clean and maintain and provide a high level of shock absorption and slip resistance.

In conclusion, rubber mats are an excellent choice for gym flooring, providing improved safety, comfort, and durability. When choosing gym mats, consider your specific needs, budget, and preferences to determine the best type of mat for your gym. Whether you opt for interlocking mats or rolled mats, investing in high-quality gym mats is a smart decision that will benefit your gym for years to come.

High-Quality Gymnastics Mats

High-Quality Gymnastics Mats

Enhance Your Gymnastics Practice with High-Quality Gymnastics Mats

Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, balance, and agility, and having the right equipment is essential to support your training routine. One piece of equipment that can make a big difference in your gymnastics practice is a gymnastics mat. Southern Cross Mats offers a wide range of high-quality gymnastics mats that provide a safe and supportive surface for a variety of exercises.

What Are Gymnastics Mats?

Gymnastics mats are large, padded mats that provide a cushioned surface for gymnastics and other fitness activities. They come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and materials to suit different needs and preferences. Southern Cross Mats offers a range of gymnastics mats made from high-quality materials, including foam, PVC, and carpet.

Benefits of Using Gymnastics Mats for Your Training

Protects Your Body

One of the main benefits of using gymnastics mats for your training is that they help protect your body from injuries. The padded surface provides a cushioned landing spot for jumps, flips, and other gymnastics moves, reducing the impact on your joints and bones. This can help prevent injuries and make your training more comfortable and enjoyable.

Provides Stability and Support

Another advantage of using gymnastics mats is that they provide stability and support for your exercises. The non-slip surface helps keep you in place during your moves, and the sturdy construction helps prevent the mat from shifting or moving around. This can help improve your balance and technique, making your gymnastics practice more effective.

Versatile and Portable

Gymnastics mats are also known for their versatility and portability. They can be used for a wide range of exercises, including gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, and martial arts. Plus, they can be easily rolled up and stored when not in use, making them a convenient and space-saving option for home gyms or studios.

Benefits of Foldout Mats

Easy to Store and Transport

Foldout mats, also known as panel mats, are a type of gymnastics mat that folds up into multiple sections for easy storage and transport. They’re a great option for those with limited space or for those who need to transport their mat to different locations. Southern Cross Mats offers foldout mats in a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit different needs.

Versatile and Customizable

Another advantage of foldout mats is that they’re versatile and customizable. You can connect multiple foldout mats together to create a larger surface area for your exercises. This is especially useful for tumbling or floor exercises that require a larger space. Additionally, some foldout mats come with hook-and-loop fasteners on the sides, which allows you to connect them to other mats or create custom configurations to suit your needs.

In conclusion, if you’re a gymnast or fitness enthusiast looking to enhance your training routine, consider investing in a high-quality gymnastics mat from Southern Cross Mats. With their durable construction, non-slip surfaces, and versatile design, these mats are a great investment for any gymnastics practice or fitness regimen.

Kickboxing and Boxing

Kickboxing and Boxing

Kickboxing and boxing are two popular combat sports that require rigorous training and practice. One of the essential components of training for these sports is the use of mats, which provide a safe and supportive surface for athletes to perform on. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the importance of kickboxing and boxing mats, their features, and how to choose the right one for your training needs.

Why are Mats Essential for Kickboxing and Boxing?

Training for kickboxing and boxing involves a lot of high-intensity movements, such as jumping, kicking, and punching, that can put a significant amount of strain on the body. Performing these movements on a hard surface like concrete or a wooden floor can result in injuries like sprained ankles, shin splints, and even concussions.

Kickboxing and boxing mats provide a cushioned surface that absorbs shock and reduces the risk of injury. They also provide better traction, preventing athletes from slipping and falling during training sessions. In addition, mats can help to extend the lifespan of training equipment by reducing wear and tear on punching bags, speed bags, and other equipment.

Features of Kickboxing and Boxing Mats

When choosing mats for kickboxing and boxing training, there are a few key features to consider:

  1. Thickness: Mats come in different thicknesses, ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches or more. Thicker mats provide more cushioning and shock absorption but can also be more expensive.
  2. Size: Mats come in various sizes, from small interlocking tiles to large rolls that cover entire rooms. Consider the size of your training space and the number of athletes who will be using the mats when choosing a size.
  3. Material: Mats can be made from a variety of materials, including foam, rubber, and vinyl. Foam mats tend to be the most affordable but may not provide enough shock absorption for high-impact training. Rubber mats are durable and offer excellent traction but can be heavy and difficult to move. Vinyl mats are lightweight and easy to clean but may not be as durable as other materials.
  4. Puzzle vs. Roll-out: Mats can come in either puzzle mats or roll-out versions. Puzzle mats are easy to install and can be customised to fit any space. Roll-out mats are more portable and can be rolled up for storage when not in use.

Choosing the Right Mats for Your Training Needs

When choosing mats for kickboxing and boxing training, it’s essential to consider your training needs, budget, and available space. If you are training at home, interlocking foam mats can provide a cost-effective solution. If you’re training in a commercial gym, you may want to invest in more durable rubber or vinyl mats.

Consider the type of training you’ll be doing and choose mats that offer enough shock absorption and traction to prevent injuries. Additionally, make sure to choose a size and thickness that will accommodate the number of athletes using the space and provide adequate coverage.


Kickboxing and boxing mats are an essential component of training for these combat sports. They provide a cushioned surface that reduces the risk of injury, improves traction, and extends the lifespan of training equipment.

When choosing mats, consider factors like thickness, size, material, and type to ensure you get the right mats for your training needs. With the right mats in place, you can train safely and effectively, improving your skills and achieving your athletic goals.

Good Judo Mats

What You Need To Know About Good Judo Mats

If you train in Judo, you’ll want to choose gym mats that provide excellent shock absorption and impact protection to help reduce the risk of injury from falls and throws. To that end you need good judo mats. The most common mats for judo training are tatami mats.

Here are some features to look for in good judo mats

  1. Thickness: Judo mats are typically thicker than other gym mats to provide extra cushioning and impact protection. Mats that are at least 1.5 inches thick are recommended for Judo.
  2. Density: The density of the mat is also important for Judo. Mats with a high-density foam core can provide better shock absorption and reduce the risk of injury.
  3. Surface texture: The surface of the mat should be textured to provide good grip and traction, which is especially important for Judo throws and takedowns. A tatami texture is commonly used for Judo mats.
  4. Size: Judo mats should be large enough to provide ample space for throws and takedowns. The standard size for Judo mats is approximately 1 meter by 2 meters.
  5. Durability: Judo mats should be made from high-quality materials that can withstand heavy use and abuse. Look for mats that are designed specifically for Judo or other martial arts.

Overall, when choosing gym mats for Judo, it’s important to prioritize safety and quality. Investing in high-quality Judo mats can help reduce the risk of injury and provide a safe and comfortable surface for training and competition.

Are tatami mats good judo mats?


Tatami mats are a popular choice for Judo mats because they provide excellent shock absorption and impact protection, as well as good grip and traction. Tatami mats are typically made from compressed foam with a vinyl or PVC cover, and they feature a textured surface that resembles traditional woven tatami mats.

Tatami mats are designed specifically for martial arts and combat sports like Judo, BJJ, and MMA, and they are often used in training and competition. They provide a safe and comfortable surface for throws, takedowns, and groundwork, and they can help reduce the risk of injury from falls and impacts.

When choosing tatami mats for Judo, it’s important to consider factors like thickness, density, surface texture, and size. Mats that are at least 40mm thick with a high-density foam core are recommended for Judo, and the surface should be textured for good grip and traction. The standard size for Judo mats is approximately 1 meter by 2 meters.

Overall, tatami mats can be an excellent choice for Judo mats, and they are widely used in martial arts gyms and training facilities around the world. Just be sure to choose high-quality tatami mats that are specifically designed for Judo or other martial arts to ensure maximum safety and durability.

What about EVA jigsaw mats?


EVA jigsaw mats are another popular option for gym mats, including for martial arts like Judo. These mats are made from ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, a lightweight and durable material that provides good shock absorption and impact protection. The jigsaw design allows the mats to be easily connected together, creating a large, seamless surface that can be customized to fit any space.

EVA jigsaw mats are available in a range of thicknesses, typically from 10mm to 40mm. Thicker mats can provide more cushioning and impact protection, but they may also be more expensive. The surface of EVA jigsaw mats can vary, with some mats featuring a smooth surface and others featuring a textured surface for better grip and traction.

While EVA jigsaw mats can be a good choice for gym mats, including for Judo training, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. For example, EVA foam can be more prone to indentation and tearing than other materials like rubber or vinyl. Additionally, the jigsaw design can create seams that can be more prone to wear and tear over time.

Overall, EVA jigsaw mats can be a good choice for Judo mats, especially for home gyms or smaller training facilities. Just be sure to choose mats that are thick enough to provide adequate cushioning and impact protection, and look for mats with a textured surface for better grip and traction. It’s also important to choose high-quality mats from a reputable manufacturer to ensure durability and safety.

A final word on judo mats and judo training

If you’re considering purchasing gym mats for your Judo training, it’s important to keep in mind that high-quality mats can be a valuable investment in your safety and performance. Look for mats that are specifically designed for Judo or other martial arts, and choose mats that are thick enough to provide adequate cushioning and impact protection.

In addition to gym mats, it’s also important to invest in other essential equipment for Judo training, such as a Judo gi (uniform), belt, and protective gear like a mouthguard and ear guards. And of course, make sure to train under the guidance of a qualified instructor who can help you develop proper technique and ensure your safety.

Judo is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, agility, and precision. By using high-quality gym mats and other equipment, you can help minimise the risk of injury and create a safe and comfortable training environment that allows you to focus on your technique and performance.

3 Tips for Finding The Right Gym Mats

3 Tips for Finding The Right Gym Mats

Winter will soon be over and it will be time to get outdoors and enjoy the weather. With summer coming it would be a good idea to get back into shape. There are heaps of activities we can do that will help us get there. The important thing is to have good gym mats. Here we explore 3 tips for finding the right gym mats.

Finding a gym mats that suits your activity

Not all gym mats are the same. In fact most mats are made for specific types of activities. If you are training yoga or karate the kind of mat you choose will differ. So it is important to do your research and ask the right questions before you make your purchase.

When looking at the kind of gym mats you require you need to consider the thickness you require, the type of material and size. The other really important factor is the price. Obviously one needs to consider what fits into their budget.

Jigsaw mats for most occasions

The most popular mat hands down is the jigsaw mat.  The fact of the matter is that the jigsaw mat has been the most amongst the popular gym mats for many years. It is a versatile mat with mass appeal.

There are a few reasons why jigsaw mats are so popular. One of the main reasons is variety. Jigsaw mats are available in a number of colour options and thickness which means they appeal to a number of different activities.

The fact that the jigsaw mats is interlocking also makes them a great options. Having s gym mat which is easy to install saves time and money.

Rubber mats for heavy lifting

If you have a gym where you are primarily lifting weights then rubber mats might be the best way to go. Rubber mats are a high density mats which are designed to absorb impact. So if you are dropping weight and such then they will help protect your floor.

Also rubber mats are a great option if you have heavy equipment. Placing mats on other types of gym mats such as jigsaw mats is not recommend. They are not a dense nor durable as rubber mats and will not be able to carry the weight. The only option really is rubber mats.

For a profession martial art gym use tatami mats

If you are looking at opening a professional martial arts gym then you can’t go past tatami mats. Whilst jigsaw mats are a good option tatami mats are better provided you have the budget. They will make your studio look great and your student will love them.

Tatami mats are particularly good for high impact martial arts which require throwing.  The 40mm thickness offers good protection and the heavy duty vinyl surface is great for rolling. You really can’t go wrong with tatami mats when it comes to quality training.

Made up your mind? Call Southern Cross Mats

Once you have made up your mind give Southern Cross Mats a call. Our friendly staff are always happy so help and our gym mats can be bought online as well.

Gym Mats For Large Areas

Gym Mats For Large Areas

Fitting Out Large Areas

Southern Cross Mats are a professional supplier of mats for commercial application. We have a large assortment of customers coming to us to outfit their training areas. Customer as diverse as last enforcement, military and elite martial arts schools rely on us for their mats. Generally they are customers that require gym mats for large areas.

We have been supplying commercial roll out mats to customer far and wide. They are therefore looking for a custom solution to meet their needs. Lucky for them Southern Cross Mats is a professional supplier of commercial training mats and has years of experience outfitting gyms and training areas. Let us help you set up your gym too.

Large Area Outfitting and Custom Solutions

The main appeal of commercial roll out mats is they lend them selves to the fitting out of large areas. When you are looking at setting up a large area of 100m2 plus then it helps to have mats which you can just roll out. With these mats you can literally set up a large area in minutes. The mats connect to one another using a velcro system for maximum convenience. You can roll them up or out again in a short time when conducting maintenance or moving to another location.

Stock Options for Quick Delivery

For smaller areas or domestic applications we have stock roll out mats combo on offer. They are a 3m x 3m roll out mat which offers a great space for training. The mat comes apart in the middle for easy storage and transportation. They have proven very popular for people want a professional quality mat without the expense or hassle.

We have foam mats in stock which are another great option if you are looking at setting up a training area. Our foam mats come in a range of thicknesses and colours so setting up a gym has never been easier. They are so popular precisely because puzzle mats are inexpensive yet comfortable to train on. If you are looking at setting up a gym both domestic and commercial then foam mats are the way to go.

Contact Southern Cross Mats for information and pricing. Our professional staff are always happy to help.

Get Super Fit With Gym Mats

Get Super Fit With Gym Mats

Get Super Fit With Our Gym Mats

With the weather getting cooler it is easy to just retreat to your living room and start the hibernation. Cool weather is synonymous with lazying around and drinking hot chocolate. Unfortunately if you do that then all the good work you put into keeping fit during summer will go to waste. The better option is to stay active and keep the weight in check. You want to stay fit all year round. To that end you can stay fighting fit with gym mats. Having home gym or one at work is the best way to stay in shape during these cooler months. 

All Sort Of Gym Mats For You

Fortunately you have a supplier like Southern Cross Mats to give you the best range of gym mats available in the Australian market.  Unlike other providers our sole focus is on providing the best training mats and the largest range.  Lots of organisations consider us a one-stop shop for training and gym mats which is why we have so many customers scattered across the country.

Our extensive range largest range of puzzle mats in the largest in the country. We stock a variety of colours, thicknesses and styles so you are sure to find something that you are looking for. Puzzle mats are great for any number of activities and are perfect for both commercial and domestic applications.

If you are looking for something more high end then our  tatami mats are a great choice. In fact we are one of the only suppliers to have them in stock all year round which probably explains why we are the first port of call for people setting up new gyms. The tatami mats we have in stock are grey, black and green in both 2m x 1m and 1m x 1m. With tatami mats you can’t go wrong.

All Your Favourite Activity Made Better

The mats we have on offer are great for numerous activities. Although they are often referred to as martial art mats they are used by a large spectrum of organisations. Our commercial roll out mats are in high demand are in high demand with organisations as diverse as the police, military, schools and daycare centres just to name a few.

Also our range of yoga mats and fold out mats are used by everyone from pilates ( and yoga of course) practitioners, physiotherapist and the like. So if you are looking for a training mats look no further.

Contact Us At Southern Cross Mats

Browse our great website for mats or give us a call. Our friendly staff are very knowledgable and always happy to help. 

Great Mats For Gymnastics

Great Mats for Gymnastics

Great Mats For Gymnastics Training

There are few sports that command the loyalty of their practitioners like gymnastics does. Gymnastics might be an Olympic sport but it is much more than that for some. It is for many gymnasts a way of life also. They live and breath the sport and it give them immense satisfaction to succeed. That is why they train hard but it is also why they need great mats for gymnastics. If you want to train hard and long then you need to be sure you have the protection you need.

Crash Mats & Landing Mats for Gymnastic Training

One of the most important type of mats for gymnastic is crash mats. Also know as landing mats they are an integral part of training. As we know gymnastics is known for so much aerial maneuvers. No other sport  focuses so much on it as gymnastics does. That is why every gymnasium should have crash mats for their students. 

Foldout Mats For The Home

Whilst most of the training takes place at the gym lots of practice is done at home. That is where foldable gymnastics mats come into play. Our foldout mats are made from compresses foam wrapped around with PU. The PU material means it is easy to wipe down after a training session. It is also a durable material.

Nation-wide Supplier of Gymnastics Mats

The good thing about Southern Cross Mats is that we supply gymnastics mats nation-wide. As a gym mats supplier we are now nationally recognised supplier of professional training mats mats.

Green & Black EVA mats

Green & Black EVA Mats From Southern Cross Mats

Introducing Green & Black EVA Mats

Southern Cross Mats are proud to introduce Green & Black EVA mats to our already extensive range of gym mats. We are always looking at ways to improve options for our customers. Green is a popular colour when it comes to corporate colours so we know there will be a lot of schools out there excited about the prospect of green & black EVA jigsaw mats.

Green & Black Mats a Great Combination

Black and green is a great combination of colours for gym mats which is why we have added them to our range.  Our client base demands the best and we aim to deliver with the largest range of gym mats in Australia. That is why we not only have the largest range of jigsaw mats but all kinds of mats. Browse our website and you will see why so many organisations come to us for their gym mats needs.

Contact Southern Cross Mats For Your Gym Mats Needs

No matter what your needs when it comes to gym mats we got you covered. We stock every thing from floor mats to wall mats and beyond. Whether you want a single mats or are decking out an entire gym look no further. Check them out now to learn more!

Green & Black EVA mats

Wood Grain Gym Mats

Gym Mats Galore

Your Gym Mats Specialists

During these difficult time you still want to stay in shape and stay fit. To that end you got to have the right gym mats for your needs. To find the right gym mats you need to have the right supplier. Lucky for you Southern Cross Mats is one such supplier. We are the preferred supplier of gym mats by customers from all shapes and sizes. At Southern Cross mats we have gym mats galore.

Gym Mats Galore For Your Needs

No matter what your activity we have you covers there is an option for any type of activity and then some. Southern Cross Mats has everything from floor mats to wall mats and beyond. We also have a large range of training gear to further enhance your training. It i no wonder that people across the country choose to use us for their needs.

Wall Mat & Floor Mats

It is easy to think that we supply only professional gyms. We have an extensive reputation with professional organisations across the country.  It is important to consider all safety aspects of a gym. That is why we also stock wall mats (or wall padding) as well. Everyone thinks of floor mats but often they neglect to understand the importance of protecting their walls as well.

Southern Cross Mats – Your One Stop Shop

No matter what you are looking for we are here for you. As a trusted supplier for organisations across Australia you can be sure we will take care of your needs. We supply everyone from fitness studios and martial arts schools to government organisations and law enforcement.

If you have any questions about any of our products then don’t hesitate you contact us. Our friendly staff are always have to help you with your gym mats needs. At Southern Cross Mats we strive to be the best supplier of gym mats in Australia.

Gym Mats Galore

Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Mats The Way to Go

Cork Yoga Mats The Way to Go

When you are looking for a yoga mat it helps to have something that is not going to impact on the environment. To that end you are lucky to have a supplier that already supplies a great range of yoga mats which have minimal impact on the environment such as Southern Cross Mats. Now you have a new option to think about which is the natural cork yoga mats.

Sustainable Material Yoga Mats

The great thing about cork yoga mats is that they are made from a sustainable material. The cork is sourced from cork plantations and the best thing is that they come from the bark of the tree. When they harvest the cork they don’t actually cut the tree down they just pull off the bark. The rubber bottom of the mat is PVC free so you know you are a good thing.

Great Mat for Yoga Training

The best thing about cork mats is that the more you sweat the better you stick to the mat. There is nothing worse that sliding around when you are doing you hot yoga or simply sweating as people do. With these mats you don’t have to worry about that.

Easy to Clean and Healthy.

Have you ever thought about why they use cork in wine bottles. One of the main reasons is they are resistant to mould. This make cork an ideal material for making yoga mats. It is after all a product which will find itself getting wet all the time so you want to know that it can handle it.

So if you want to go next level when it comes to yoga mats go for cork. Contact us for additional information and pricing or follow the link on this page to our sister site where you can purchase it online.


Cork Yoga Mats