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Great Mats for Gymnastics

Great Mats For Gymnastics Training There are few sports that command the loyalty of their practitioners like gymnastics does. Gymnastics might be an Olympic sport but it is much more than that for some. It is for many gymnasts a way of life also. They live and breath the sport and it give them immense […]


Green & Black EVA Mats From Southern Cross Mats

Introducing Green & Black EVA Mats Southern Cross Mats are proud to introduce Green & Black EVA mats to our already extensive range of gym mats. We are always looking at ways to improve options for our customers. Green is a popular colour when it comes to corporate colours so we know there will be […]


Gym Mats Galore

Your Gym Mats Specialists During these difficult time you still want to stay in shape and stay fit. To that end you got to have the right gym mats for your needs. To find the right gym mats you need to have the right supplier. Lucky for you Southern Cross Mats is one such supplier. We […]


Cork Yoga Mats The Way to Go

Cork Yoga Mats The Way to Go When you are looking for a yoga mat it helps to have something that is not going to impact on the environment. To that end you are lucky to have a supplier that already supplies a great range of yoga mats which have minimal impact on the environment […]


Jigsaw Mats At The Olympics

If you were watching the Olympics during the past month you would have noticed that heaps of sports take place on mats. The mats are necessary to keep the competitors safe. The gymnastic competed on gymnastics mats.  The Wrestler competed on wrestling mats. The list goes on. The most prevalent mats you would have seen […]


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