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Cork Yoga Mats The Way to Go

Cork Yoga Mats The Way to Go When you are looking for a yoga mat it helps to have something that is not going to impact on the environment. To that end you are lucky to have a supplier that already supplies a great range of yoga mats which have minimal impact on the environment […]


Jigsaw Mats At The Olympics

If you were watching the Olympics during the past month you would have noticed that heaps of sports take place on mats. The mats are necessary to keep the competitors safe. The gymnastic competed on gymnastics mats.  The Wrestler competed on wrestling mats. The list goes on. The most prevalent mats you would have seen […]


Realise Your Olympics Dream With Jigsaw Mats

The one thing you would have noticed watching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (in 2021) is that competition is fierce. The athletes really play hard and they come to win. Years of preparation is what got them there and it is what will see them through. All the coaches and equipment that was required to get […]


New Extra Large Foldable Mats

Southern Cross Mats is pleased to announce a new range of extra large foldable mats. These new mats are larger than our regular mats and offer additional protection and comfort. Our new extra large foldable mats come in two sizes. There is the 3 fold 180cm x 120cm and the 4 fold 240cm x 120cm. […]


Wall Padding For Your Gym

Benefits Of Wall Padding When people set up theirs they often think the only  gym mats they need go on the floor. They think EVA mats, vinyl mats or rubber mats. Although those mats are a very important component of the gym to say they are all you need is plain wrong. You have to also […]


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