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Southern Cross Mats –  mats have a warranty for any manufacturing faults for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. Anything after this time would be considered normal wear and tear issue. If during the warranted period your jigsaw mats deteriorate abnormally, images of the proposed damage must be supplied for inspection. Southern Cross Mats will determine whether the damage is the cause of a manufacturing fault or misuse.

In some cases Southern Cross Mats may require the item to be returned for further inspection before a decision can be made.

Please refer to our return policy section.

In the event the product damage is deemed to a manufacturing fault, a replacement of the damaged item will be supplied (shipping expenses will be at the cost of the customer). Damage caused by misuse will not be covered by the warranty. Any of the below (but not limited to) will be considered misuse of the product:

  1. Burns, cuts, accident, vandalism, abuse, negligence, sweat
  2. Damage caused by incorrect installation
  3. Use of incorrect chemicals or pesticides
  4. Use of incorrect cleaning methods
  5. Use of in-fill products of an incorrect grade or level
  6. Normal wear and tear (including loss of elasticity at the joins from lifting and interchanging over time)
  7. Abrasions/indentations due to use of inappropriate footwear or sports equipment

Due to the density and manufacturing process of jigsaw mats the materials may expand or contract slightly in areas with temperature variance or radiant heat source. This will not affect the safety or functionality of the mat but it will cause slight permanent change to the size of the mat over. This may affect you later down the track when trying to add new mats to your already existing ones due to slight size variation in the jigsaw pattern.

Also the mats themselves may vary slightly in thickness by up to 5mm. This is simply the nature of EVA mats. This can occur with mats from the same batch as well as different batches. This is not considered a manufacturing fault and can be remedied with underlay or match mats of the same thickness when laying mats. If the disparity is too pronounced Ezymats will do our best to replace with mats depending on stock availability. Please refer to our return policy before using the mats.

Maintain and clean mats with a warm damp mop using a PH neutral disinfectant. Do not place heavy objects on the mats as this will cause a permanent indentation on the surface area of the mat, Sharp or blunt objects will damage and puncture the mat surface. It is also recommended that shoes not be worn on the mats as the rubber on the shoes will scratch and scuff the surface of the mat and cause cosmetic damage.

For Installation advice please refer to our Installation section on our website:

Southern Cross Mats is wholly owned by Ezy Mats Pty Ltd. All claims are processed by Ezy Mats.


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