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Will Jon Jones Train on MMA Mats or Jigsaw Mats for UFC 239
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Will Jon Jones Train on MMA Mats or Jigsaw Mats for UFC 239

It has been confirmed that UFC legend Jon Jones will be officially licensed Wednesday to compete at UFC 239 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). Jones, who has been fighting to clear his name of doping questions, will defend the UFC light heavyweight title against Thiago Santos in the main event of the July 6 card in Las Vegas USA. In naming Thiago as Jones’ apparent it is clear that the UFC is looking to create a super competitive fight.

Jigsaw Mats versus MMA Mats

The greater question is what kind of mats will Jon Jones use in preparation for this great fight. Will it be MMA mats or will it be jigsaw mats?  Although there is no real way for us to know unless we actually go to the gym where Jon Jones trains to check out the mats let just try to imagine which would be best.

The MMA mats are a more durable mat and one would assume that both Jon Jones and his training partners train a lot. Logically if they train so much then there would be a lot of wear and tear occurring on the MMA mats or what ever type of mats they were training on. Therefore a more durable mats such as a MMA mat or even judo mat would seem the best option.

Martial Arts Clubs and MMA Centres

On the other hand jigsaw mats have been a mainstay for martial arts clubs including MMA training centres for years now. That said it could be easily concluded that the gym where Jon Jones trains could likely be using jigsaw mats or EVA mats. I mean these training centres tend to be huge and using jigsaw mats to deck them out would seem to be a great option.

The other possibility is that they use a combination of both. I have seen this before and indeed many of our customers do combine jigsaw mats and MMA mats in there gyms to cut down on costs whilst still maintaining a professional look and feel in their gyms.

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