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Croatia World Cup 2018

Croatia Silver Medallists in World Cup 2018

Croatia were the runners up in a nail biting contest against France. After an almost perfect run in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and  what was one of the best finals in living history the French side were victorious. They were able prevail in somewhat controversial circumstances which saw the Croatian side lose the only one game in this years world cup,  albeit in the final game.

The Croatians dominated the game from the start. Croatia had over sixty percent of possession of the ball in the game and showed real classes. However a dubious penalty close to the box saw the first penalty against Croatia. What was clearly a dive by the French player was then converted into a goal when the ball touched the head of the Croatian player and then went into the goal for an own goal against Croatia.

Croatia then retaliated by scoring a brilliant goal which saw the game equalised to 1-1. The goal was truly great and served to lift the Croatian side.

Another corner to France saw another dubious penalty awarded to France in front of the box when the ball touched the arm of the Croatian player and a hand ball was awarded. What would normally would have been dismissed was counted as a hand ball after it went to the new VAR technology which saw the referee award the penalty to the French side which they converted.

With the Croatian side stunned the French quickly converted two quick goals which saw the valiant Croatian side on there back foot and 4-1 down in the competition. A brilliant goal from Mandžulic saw the game go to 4-2 and the momentum quickly turned back to Croatia. Just as the side started to reassert itself a couple of streakers ran onto the field from the Russian protest group “Pussy Riot” which again sapped momentum from the Croatian from which they never recover with the game going to the French 4-2 in the end.

Souther Cross Mats is please to know that both sides apparently use gym mats and jigsaw mats as part of there training. They are used in indoor training sessions to minimise injury. Although these are unconfirmed by an independent source it only makes sense that a professional sporting side would want to reduce the chance of injury to their players.