Southern Cross Mats
The Convenience of Installing Martial Arts

Installation of the martial arts flooring mats is easy. The tiles have interlacing external edges that enable pieces to easily lock together on all four sides. When the flooring has now reached the final area of the room, the tiles can be switched over and trim to size with a shaver. No gluing needed, tiles […]


The Features of Interlocking Mats

Are you willing to buy mats for your gym or sports grounds? If yes, then you should know that the mat you choose for your gyms, MMA training centres or any indoor sports activities arena matters so much with regards to functionality & safety. With that in mind, the interlocking mats have come to be […]


Exercise And Mats Go Hand In Hand With Exercise Mats

Sports Betting is something that people like to do. It kind of makes everything a little bit more interesting and gives them a vested interest in the game. Whilst I would never condone gambling I can see where the interest lies. In the same way exercise and mats also are related. I myself like to […]


The Protective Roles of Jigsaw Mats in Sports

Martial Arts is a perfect sport designed for all ages, enhancing your own wellness and fitness, as well as your self-confidence. It is an active sport, and in terms of every dynamic sport and fitness exercise there is always the possibility of injuries. The great news is that you could reduce that risk, by making […]


Fundamentals to Know About Jigsaw Mats

Frequently known as the jigsaw mats, the interlock floor mats are shaped just like the structure of jigsaw puzzle to attenuate the effect of the athlete fall. Jigsaw mats are extremely easy to set up and to detach. Since they are alike to jigsaw puzzles, just pack the elements and they are prepared for transportation. […]


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