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Jigsaw Mats At The Olympics

Jigsaw Mats At The Olympics

If you were watching the Olympics during the past month you would have noticed that heaps of sports take place on mats. The mats are necessary to keep the competitors safe. The gymnastic competed on gymnastics mats.  The Wrestler competed on wrestling mats. The list goes on. The most prevalent mats you would have seen were Jigsaw Mats At The Olympics.

Jigsaw Mats Are Olympic Mats

The most prolific mats at the Tokyo Olympics were in fact jigsaw mats. You would have seen jigsaw mats during the karate competitions and you would have seen them during tae know do as well. There is a good reason why you would have seen jigsaw mats being used by these two sports. Here are some:

  • Durability
  • Connectability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Look good
  • Comfortable

Indeed these are just some of the reasons you would have seen them used in competition. The truth is that is you attend any kind of tournament including BJJ, karate, Tae kwon do, karate or even Savate you will see jigsaw mats in use. So it is no surprise that you saw them being used during the Tokyo Olympics.

Gym Mats Not Just For Professionals

A more true statement has never been made. Although profession almost always use good gym mats during training it doesn’t mean they are only reserved for them. Everyone should use gym mats when they train. If you love your body and you want to train longer then you need to have the protection. Your body is a temple and it needs looking after.

Where to Get Good Mats?

It’s a fair question. Knowing you need good gym mats or jigsaw mats is one think. Finding the right supplier is a completely different story. Luck for you you’re on the right track. If you are reading this post then you have found us. Southern Cross Mats is a premium supplier of gym mats, including jigsaw mats, for both professional and domestic purposes. Give us a call or simply browse our website.


Jigsaw Mats At The Olympics