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New EVA Mats Shipments Arriving
EVA interlocking jigsaw mats

New EVA Mats Shipments Arriving

Southern Cross Mats have a new shipment of EVA interlocking jigsaw mats arriving tomorrow and next week. We will be replenishing out stock over the next few weeks the make up for the overwhelming demand for our jigsaw mats. Our EVA jigsaw mats have been selling like hotcakes. In our shipment tomorrow we will have:

30mm Jigsaw Mats – Blue / Red

30mm Jigsaw Mats – Black / Red

In our next weeks shipment we have coming:

40mm Jigsaw mats – Black / Grey

40mm Jigsaw Mats – Black / Red

We also have a container leaving our factory soon container just black & grey jigsaw mats which are our  most popular mat.

If you are looking at outfitting your gym or training facility don’t look any further then Southern Cross Mats. We are a trusted supplier to organisations across the country.

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