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Exercise And Mats
Exercise And Mats

Exercise And Mats Go Hand In Hand With Exercise Mats

Sports Betting is something that people like to do. It kind of makes everything a little bit more interesting and gives them a vested interest in the game. Whilst I would never condone gambling I can see where the interest lies. In the same way exercise and mats also are related.

I myself like to have a bit of a punt but only if there is a good chance that I will win. That often means picking lower odds, but if you combine it in a multi then it lifts the odds whilst keeping the risk relatively low. That said it is best to enjoy the game and not get carried away as then it takes away from the effort the athletes put into playing the game. 

Professionals Use Mats

It takes a lot of exercise to be ready for a professional game. Checking out the locker rooms of a lot of teams and professional athletes there is something that you will consistently see in all of them. The thing that I am talking about is exercise mats.  When you are a professional athlete such as Tiger Woods or Israel Folau you can’t risk getting injured before a game.

You know if takes all kinds of training to get ready for a game or match and one of the ways you can minimise the risk is by using exercise mats. I am sure Tiger Woods used exercise mats and I am equally sure that Israel Folau used exercise mats also. Not all of there training is done outdoors and when they do their indoor training then you can bet your bottom dollar (at the TAB) that they use them.

What do the professionals use?

Now the question is what kind of mats would Tiger Woods or Israel Folau be using during their training sections. Whilst I can only speculate as there is really no way of me knowing the answer to that question, using my intuition I a willing to make an educated guess.

Being in the training mats game I am exposed to the kind of mats that are available and the kind of people that use them. For people like professional athletes that training alone and individually there are a couple of mats that are particularly in demand. They are;

Both the above mats are idea for individual training. If you are simply doing exercise such as pilates of yoga then a rollout mats such as yoga mats or a foldout mats such as foldable mats is idea for your situation. They are easy to set up, they are easy to clean and what is most important is that the person using them can put them away in their locker or the boat of their car when they are finished.  

This would probably go a long way to explaining why yoga mats and foldable mats are such popular exercise mats. In fact they are synonymous with exercise. If you have ever seen someone carrying one around you would automatically assume what they are doing and where they are going.

Group exercise and training mats

Then there is the kind of mat you would use during group exercise. Now if you are just doing something like yoga then an individual training mat is fine, but what to do when you have a group of people running around and jumping. That is when you need a floor covering for the entire training area. In that case you have two other options

In the event that you need a complete floor covering than EVA jigsaw mats are probably the most popular mats available. They are made from the same or similar material as yoga mats. The difference is that they can lock into one another to make a continuous EVA flooring. It is this reason they are used so much. They are easy to install and once installed they form a continuous surface to train on.

Funny enough tatami mats are made from a similar material as foldable mats. They are both made from vinyl. The difference is that tatami mats and MMA mats are  much more thicker material and they have a rubber bottom to help prevent slipping. Tatami mats are combined with other tatami mats to cover a complete area. Tatami mats are a more serious kind of mats for people with the budget to afford them. 

Exercise and Mats

Exercise and Mats



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