Grappling Dummy

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  • Quantity 1-5 : $399.00 per unit.
  • Quantity 6-10 : $389.00 per unit.
  • Quantity 11+ : $379.00 per unit.



Material:Synthetic Leather



    The Morgan Elite and SMAI tactical grappling dummy partners are manufactured using bulletproof synthetic leather, designed to survive the highest levels of misuse. These grappling dummies are designed with the pure jiu-jitsu athlete in mind. The dummy has a highly designed shoulder and knee systems to allow for all types of submission training techniques. Ideal for both instructors needing to demonstrate a technique, and students wanting to perfect their skills in a home or closed training environment. These training partners not only work as a training simulator but can also be attached to cages and thrown around in ground and pound drills.

    • Made from special synthetic leather, very durable, shoulder system designed to really fit body triangles, armbar, arm choke drills and any other grappling moves.
    • The dummy can sit and stay on his leg, the leg can stretch out, half guard, De la Riva, X guard drill is possible, making this one of the most versatile and affordable dummies on the market today.  
    • The neck is designed to support you in doing moves similar to that would be done in training, perform a guillotine, darce choke, anaconda choke etc, just like you do it on the real human
      Good for all kind of controls; side mount, full mount, north-south, back control etc.
    • Dimensions and Specs: Approx 25kg in weight @ 155cm long 

    This grappling dummy is also available in the Morgan and SMAI brands. The same specs are the same but different supplier. We will ship whichever brand we have available at the time of purchase.

    Additional information

    Weight 25 kg
    Dimensions 153 × 60 × 60 cm


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