Southern Cross Mats
New EVA Mats Shipments Arriving

Southern Cross Mats have a new shipment of EVA interlocking jigsaw mats arriving tomorrow and next week. We will be replenishing out stock over the next few weeks the make up for the overwhelming demand for our jigsaw mats.


Leading Supplier of Training Mats

For those who don’t know us yet Southern Cross Mats is the leading supplier of training mat. Southern Cross Mats has offices in both Sydney and Melbourne and we ship our products all across Australia.


Southern Cross Mats for Gym Mats

If you are looking for any type of gym mats then look no further then Southern Cross Mats. We are one of the top suppliers in Australia for all types of gym mats.


Benefits of EVA Jigsaw Mats

We at Southern Mats believe that there are a number of reasons why you should opt for these mats; here are some of them:


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