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Get Fit With Gym Mats For Summer

This time of year is here and it is time to get ready for summer. All of us will be looking at starting some extra training to loose some of the weight you accumulated during winter. Whilst those extra pounds are ok when you are wearing jumper and coats it is another thing when you put on a bikini or your budgy smugglers. Before you start planning your training regime it might be a good idea to think of the equipment you will be needing to hep you through your training sessions. You might particularly  want to break out some gym mats as they will definitely help you prolong your training.

It is all and good to ramp up the training leading up to summer but you might also want to protect your body by purchasing some gym mats. Gym mats are aways a great way to help combat the fatigue that comes with hours spent training and doing your vigorous exercises. Fortunately gym mats come in a variety of thicknesses to be tailored to the intensity of the activity you are doing. While some light exercise may only require the thinner mats if you doing more intensive then you might want to consider some thicker mats.

Foam mats are aways an excellent addition to your training area as they help assist with limiting injury and fatigue. Foam mats are used by people all over the world for all sorts of activities. With foam mats you really are helping ensure that your time spent training won’t come with an injured or fatigued body thereby allowing you to train longer and harder.

interlocking foam mat green - yellow

Foam Mats for all Your Training Needs

We often get asked the question of which are the better mats for this activity or that. The truth is the type of mats you use for any given activity depends on what you are going and what the out come of your training needs to be. Also the type of area you are using can play a major role in what you might choose to use for your train area. The bottom line is that where you are engaging in a vigorous activity you should probably look at getting some safety mats the help mitigate any risk your activity might attract.

That said I am a big fan of foam mats. Foam mats, as the name implies, are made from compressed foam which is then die-cut into a jigsaw pattern. The die-cutting of the foam mats means that the size is uniform and that each piece will easily slot in to the next, therefore creating a continual surface. Also now as puzzle mats, foam mats are easy to manufacture and transport which makes them and idea product. If you are considering laying some training mats in your dojo or training area then you really can’t go any further then foam mats.

The other benefit of these mats is that they are easily cut. All you need is a Stanley Knife or box cutter and you will easily cut through an EVA mat. This is handy during the installation process as it allows you to fit your mats in non-square corners or to cut around furniture or other obstacles. Foam mats are a truly versatile product.

Gym mats are foam mats and jigsaw mats.

Dollar Down After Disappointing Inflation Data

The Australian dollar was down this morning  after weaker then expected inflation data. The rate of inflation came in at 0.2% instead of the expected  0.4%. The core rate was 0.5% which was in line with expectations. Although the RBA is more likely to take core inflation into account, the announcement spooked traders  which saw the dollar fall by 0.3%. Immediately after the announcement it found itself just above the $0.79 mark.

We don’t expect the current fluctuation of the AUD to have a dramatic effect on the price of gym mats. The dollar has been relatively high in the past few months which has kept the price of gym mats low. In any case suppliers like Southern Cross Mats are competitive and usually absorb any currency movements. It would take a serious shock to the market to cause a large drop in the AUD and therefore have an effect on imported goods. 

The other factor to consider is the price of oil. As you may very know foam mats are manufactured using EVA which is a petroleum bi-product. Any change in material costs has an effect on the finished product. The price of foam mats has stayed low because the cost of oil has been stable. What’s more any rise in the cost of USD denominated raw materials would have been off-set by the rising AUD which has acted like a buffer. As such we can expect the cost of foam mats to stay low.

Order your jigsaw mats whilst the AUD is good value. You know you will be able to buy your jigsaw mats at a good price when the Australian Dollar is so high. The price of jigsaw mats is much higher when the dollar is around the $0.72 mark. We have heaps of stock of jigsaw mats at the time so order now. We also have a shipment coming regularly.

30mm EVA jigsaw mats are also know as puzzle mats

How Jigsaw Mats Got Their Name?

It is always interesting to find out how certain products got their name. Sometimes it is a vague connection with how a product got it name like Pina Collada. Who would ever know how that drink got its name. I have tried to find out and have had scant success. And what about that movie La La Land. I watched it the other night and I have no idea how that got its name either. I don’t know if it is because it was based in LA or if is about an industry that is so “out there”. Nonetheless it is a puzzle to me (I wonder if they used any puzzle mats in the film).

Which brings us to jigsaw mats. How did jigsaw mats get their name? Whilst it may allude many people to me it seems quite obvious. If you have ever seen a jigsaw mat then you  would have noticed that it resembles a jigsaw puzzle. The main difference is that with a jigsaw puzzle the pieces all fit together differently. This is because it is a game to see if you can find the right pieces to fit together. With jigsaw mats it is not a game. It is serious business. When people buy these mats they don’t want to be mucking around trying to find the right piece. They want the convenience that comes with having interlocking mats that fit together.

So whilst jigsaw mats got their name from a game we at Southern Cross Mats take it quite seriously. For us it is not a game as we love to please our customers and make sure that they get the best deal possible when sourcing their training mats. So if you are also serious about your gym mats then give Southern Cross Mats a call.

interlocking eva jigsaw mats

Why EVA Mats For Martial Arts?

Customers always ask me why EVA mats are so good for martial arts training. It is a good question as martial arts mats are in high demand  now, especially since MMA and BBJ has taken off in the past years. There is a number of answers to this question which I will explore in further details below.

EVA mats are a puzzle mats which is made from expandable foam. The main feature of EVA is that is has absorbing qualities which make it idea as an anti-fatigue mats. EVA can come in a variety of thicknesses depending on the application. It is ideally used to make mats but it can also be used for other applications in both sports and industry. EVA can be dyed into any colour and can even have multiple colours such as our jigsaw mats.

EVA mats are also light weight. As they are made from expandable foam there is no need for any other  material to be used in combination which the mats. They don’t need an additional protective coating as they are easy to clean and are very durable. It is there very durability that makes them so appealing. We have supplied these to all sorts of organisations such as police tactical response training who put them through vigorous work outs in a daily basis. 

Lastly EVA mats are cheap. They are the most inexpensive anti-fatigue  mats you are likely to find. As EVA is just an petroleum bi-product it is a material which is in abundance and is easy to obtain. The inexpensive quality of these mats makes them the ideal product for any organisation that needs to stick to a budget.


Red Black 40mm Jigsaw Mats

Interlocking Gym Mats For Convenient Training

There is nothing worse then having to pack and unpack huge and heavy mats ever time you want to do some training. It is even worse when those same mats come apart while you are training. Apart from the convenience it is also dangerous are your toes can get caught between the gaps which can lead to strains and broken bones.

This is why interlocking gym mats are such a great option. These mats are also referred to as jigsaw mats and foam mats. Interlocking mats are great for a number of reasons and you are sure to experience the benefits once you have tried them.

Easy to assemble – The interlocking nature of the mats make them very easy to assemble. Just like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces fit snuggly into one another forming a perfectly smooth surface. The mats can then be easily taken apart when they are no longer in use.

Easy Storage – These mats are incredibly easy to store. As they are only 1m x 1m they cab be stacked up when they are not in use. And as they are light weight you don’t have to worry about them toppling over and injuring someone.

Light Weight – There mats are very light weight. Each mats weights only 1.5 – 3kgs depending on the thickness. This is extremely light when you take into consideration the size of each mats.

So if you are looking to buy a good gym mat for your training area look no further then EVA interlocking gym mats. They are a great solution for any train area.

Wing Chun

Karate Training Mats for You

Even with the proliferation of MMA and other martial art when you think fighting you think karate. Karate was one of the first asian martial arts to be popularised in the west and spread life wild fire when it was first introduced post WWII. Karate schools that sprung up all over the USA, Europe and beyond were our first glimpse at oriental culture and fighting arts.

With the increase popularity came the opening of schools. At first people generally trained on wooden floors. But as OHS system were introduced so to was the need for safety flooring recognised. No same sensui would want to see their students get unnecessarily injured so they start looking for safety floor covering to help prevent injury. This is where karate mats became more prolific. Made from EVA foam karate mats quickly spread to most dojos, especially those that care about the well being of their students.

If you are looking for karate mats then your search is over. We have a large range of karate mats to choose from. Whether you are looking for EVA foam mats or heavy duty vinyl mats then we literally have you covered. And we can have you dojo floor covered in no time.

Southern Cross mats are recognised the world over for their great quality mats and service. We have customers all over the country who have trusted us with the supply of their training mats.

MMA Wall Padding

Wall Mats / Wall Pad Available at Souther Cross Mats

Southern Cross Mats are happy to introduce wall mats to their range of training mats. Our wall mats or wall padding (as they are alternately know, are absolutely necessary for any serious training gym. Whether training BJJ, MMA or any other martial art it is as important to protect your student from collision with the walls as it is with the floor.

Our wall mats / wall pads are:

  • 190 x 50cm x 3.9cm (will additional 5cm lip on each end)
  • Have density of 150kg/cm
  • Are attached to a 9mm timber board (including in measurements)
  • Can be easy attached to wall or mounted on a channel using the 5cm lip.
  • Are great value.

Our wall mats are available in black. Other colours are available on special order. These mats will greatly complement your MMA Mats, tatami mats or jigsaw mats. 

If you are looking for professional mats call Southern Cross Mats today.

MMA Mats

New MMA Mats

MMA Mats – Mixed Martial Art Mats

Southern Cross Mats are glad to announce the we have introduced new MMA mats to our martial arts mats line up. MMA mats different from our standard  tatami mats which have been hugely popular with the grappling community. Our MMA mats come with a smooth vinyl surface. These are ideal for mixed martial arts as they eliminate mat burn. These mats are very popular in MMA training where there is a combination or stand up martial art and grappling.  Whilst they look similar our MMA mats are not Zebra Mats.


Zebra Mats versus MMA Mats

Our MMA mats are not to be confused with Zebra Mats. Zebra Mats are a trademark of Zebra Inc. Our mats are are a cost effective solution for MMA mats. Southern Cross Mats has been supplying tatami and EVA mats now for a number of years and we are confident that our MMA mats will be as well received as our all our training and gym mats.

Our MMA mats are available in black and grey. Other colours can be special ordered. The mats are 2m x 1m x 40mm is size. They are also available in size 1m x 1m x 40mm on special order. If you have a custom colour you would like you can also check with us to see if it is available as a stock colour or if it can be tailored to your requirement.

Our mats come with:

  • Smooth vinyl finish
  • Compress foam inner
  • Non-slip rubber back
  • Density of 230kg/cbm

Southern Cross Mats are a premier supplier of MMA mats and gym mats. We have outfitted a huge amount of gyms with both our EVA jigsaw mats and vinyl MMA and tatami mats. If your are looking for mats for your gym or martial arts centre then look no further the Southern Cross Mats. Call Southern Cross Mats for all your MMA mats requirements.

About Mixed Martial Art

All is all good a proper to know where to get MMA mats but what is MMA. MMA is an abbreviation for “mixed martial arts”. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that combines both striking and grappling, in both standing position and on the ground, using a variety of techniques from different martial arts. 

Some would argue that MMA first become popular with the UFC, or Bruce Lee or the Gracies. I say that MMA has been around since the dawn of time. Since man (and women) first roamed this earth men (and sometimes women) have chosen to use fighting to sort out their differences. To do so they kicked and punched and did all sorts of things to defeat their opponent. It was the passage of time which eventual split them up and began to categories aspects of fight. 

Which Mats Should an MMA Fighter Use?

It is an age old question. Which mats to use? Heaps of fighters still prefer tatami mats for their training. Sometimes it is just because this is what they are used to using. Maybe time spend training in judo or other traditions arts has gotten them accustomed to the tatami look and feel. MMA has a large amount of fighters that have origins in more traditional forms of martial arts.

Others like the added grip that the tatami finish give them. I have often been told that during a hard workout a person can get very sweaty. During a work out a person can be literally dripping with sweat. If you multiple that by ten or more people you can imaging how bad it can get in a training gym. For this reason having a bit of grip can be beneficial even desired.

Smooth Mats vs Tatami Finish

There is no doubt that MMA mats with a smooth finish are becoming more predominant. The issue of mat burn is the most cited reason. As MMA fighters tend to work both their stand up and mat game in equal measure a fighter will come on contact with the mat constantly. Often even quite violently. The constant impact can lead to grazing especially in a gi-less environment. If you visit most MMA training gym you will find  Zebra mats or MMA mats with a smooth finish. That is either Zebra Mats™  or a less expensive MMA mats that is manufactured in China such as those sold by Southern Cross Mats.

Image by Southern Cross Mats with Made in Germany Logo.

Zebra Mats

MMA Mats

Jigsaw Mats For Skipping

Gym Mats Great For Skipping

I find that skipping everyday is a fantastic form of exercise. I only ever used to do it when I went boxing but then I bought myself a skipping rope and now I do it all the time. At first I just skipped outside on the concrete driveway but then I started to notice fatigue on my knees the constant jumping up and down was having an effect and I worried that I would have to stop an activity that I had really learnt to love. 

Thats when I discovered that EVA jigsaw mats (also know as gym mats) are great for skipping. I have original bought the jigsaw mats for my kids to practice their jiu-jitsu but then upgraded to tatami mats. The spare EVA gym mats were just laying around so I through a couple outside to training on. I found instant relief the first time I skipped and haven’t looked back since. Now I would never sod skipping without my treasured EVA jigsaw mats.

So there you have it. Next time you are thinking about training and don’t want it to impact your joints call Southern Cross Mats. The EVA Mat Kings.

Sales Tips

Sales Leads Processing and Conversion 


Most leads can potentially generate a sale and success depending on how it is handled. People require exceptional customer service, quick response and competitive pricing.


Not all quotes convert, but to give the best chance it’s about taking the time to understand what the client is after, ensure you’re providing them with alternative options not just the one they enquire about and making contact. That gives us a greater chance to be in the running to win the job.


Steps in generating a sale from a lead:


Enquiry received


  • Make contact with client – either call or at least email saying the request has been received and we will respond asap. Also, use this as a means to get extra information from the client to ensure you are quoting suitable products and can offer additional ones if need be (sometimes what they ask for/expect pricing to be isn’t suitable.
  •  Always provide some alternative options in the quote which might be suitable for them or are new and exciting that they may not have seen


  • Response rate for replying to an enquiry should be within the hour if not minutes. Studies have shown that sales enquiries should be replied to within minutes to generate best outcomes, but obviously, it with depend on other factors including how many items are being requested, is it off shore or local pricing etc. If it will be longer ensure you call the customer and explain.


  • Follow up phone call as soon as possible to clarify the quote supplied, ask if they have any questions etc. Again if it is a simple quote then call customer shortly after sending quote. If it is a longer quote then give them time to digest.
  • Depending on outcome of the above you should note to follow up in a couple of days if they say they have received and reviewing. If they don’t answer call every day until you speak with them (rarely leave a voice message for them to call back, not unless you have already spoken to them)
  • If they seem interested confirm pricing is suitable, options are what they want and try to determine how promising it is.
  • Offer samples, visual mock ups if that helps to get the job over the line
  • If order doesn’t proceed always speak with them to find out why and how we can assist for the future/ what else they need. Also promote our specialties and how we can help them get their brand further 
  • If order proceeds always contact them on a frequent basis to see what else you can assist with. Touch base with your most active clients about once a month, if you don’t hear from them. With all the customers you should know when they order/what their requirements are and note them down to be one step ahead of them (eg: they usually order in May, call in April and see if you can help with what they require etc)


Finally all your leads, quotes and responses should be keep in a log so that they can be viewed by sales and marketing for any usable data and to keep track.

The above article was written by Stacey Bouchier from Brand Republic and edited by Ezymats.

Boxing NAMA Akrotiri

Benefits Of Wrestling Mats From Us

Wrestling Mats

As a supplier of a large range of wrestling mats, Ezy Mats has you covered when looking for new training or competition mats for your gym or studio. Here at Ezy Mats it doesn’t matter whether you need a single wrestling mat or multiple mats, we can supply you with what you need. Our interlocking wrestling mats are available in three different thicknesses which allow you to purchase the mats you need for your training.

As the different thicknesses are used for different activities, it is important to understand your needs and requirements before purchasing.

Wrestling is a centuries old sport, utilising grappling techniques such as throws and takedowns; it is therefore essential to have a safe area for training and competition purposes. To ensure support and minimize injuries and muscle fatigue, wrestling mats should be at least 40mm thick. They are often made of EVA foam like our jigsaw mats or compressed foam encased in a durable vinyl outer, like our tatami mats.


What is a Wrestling Mat?

A wrestling mat is a single mat or a set of mats used in wrestling training and competitions. Our wrestling mats are made from EVA foam, an expandable foam that helps to absorb impacts from falling and jumping as well as minimising muscle fatigue. Here at Ezy Mats our wrestling mats utilise a jigsaw system where each mat piece can interlock with another.


Interlocking Wrestling Mats

Have you been looking for wrestling mats but just can’t seem to find one that fits the space you have? Our interlocking wrestling mats are perfect for small and large spaces. You simply purchase the mats, and then you can join as many or as little as you need to fit your space. The interlocking jigsaw system offers more stability and they are easy to assemble, disassemble and store.


Wrestling Mats Thicknesses / Sizes

The wrestling mats available from Ezy Mats come in three different sizes: 20mm, 30mm and 40mm. They are 1m x 1m in size, and perfect for any space. We recommend the 40mm mats for wrestling activities as they provided the best support for activities that require falling or rolling on the floor, or grappling activities. We can also supply 50mm wrestling mats on special order.

Our 20mm and 30mm mats are a great choice for warm ups and cool downs or for practicing movements where there is little chance of falling or need for rolling.


Wrestling Mat Uses

As well as wrestling, our interlocking mats have many uses, and are often employed across the martial arts field including in judo, karate, kick boxing, kung fu, akido and more. They are also used in gymnastics, yoga and Pilates. We also have a range of tatami wrestling mats available which offer added durability.

Here at Southern Cross Mats, we endeavor to be the most economical supplier of interlocking wrestling mats and tatami wrestling mats across Australia. Should you come across the same mats at a cheaper price, we promise to do our best to beat any reasonable quote.


Benefits of Wrestling Mats

Our EVA foam jigsaw interlocking wrestling mats have a range of benefits including:

* Easy installation

* Easy to store

* Simple interlocking puzzle system

* Made from quality EVA foam

* Durable and easy to clean

* Offers great protection and comfort

* Suitable for all forms of wrestling


Contact Southern Cross Mats for Your Wrestling Mats Needs

We’d love to hear from you. Contact Southern Cross Mats before making your purchase from another supplier; you certainly won’t be disappointed in our quality range.

Gymnastic Mats

Gymnastics Mats Explained

Interlocking Gymnastics Mats


If you’re looking for gymnastics mats for your studio or gym, here at Ezy Mats we supply a large range of interlocking gymnastics mats as well as tatami gymnastics mats which are perfect for any requirement. Continue reading